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Why You Should Work for a Startup than a Corporate Company

Startup or corporate? Some people still don’t know which one suits them the most. Worse, they don’t even know what is their dream career would be. In that case, startup is definitely the better choice. As clueless as you are at the moment, startup forces you to thrive on taking risks and initiatives. Working in

Is It Possible to Have Work-Life Balance at a Startup?

Some people said that work-life balance is a myth. It’s even more impossible for startup people to achieve work-life balance. So, is it possible to have work-life balance when you are working for a startup? Startup work environment is stressful by nature. All of us are struggling to reach work-life balance. It is clearly very

Startup Lingo: 6 Appealing Words You Should Know

Do you speak startup? Startups, particularly digital startups, are growing fast. And there are new words founded in this industry. Funny thing is, most people outside the startup world don’t understand these words at all. As you might be a new startup employee or a young startup founder, you should sharpen your knowledge to learn

Branding Your Startup: It’s All About Making A Name

Have an idea innovative enough to be capitalised upon? Great, you sure do have every modicum of motivation and inspiration to create a legacy that lives forever. This might be that one big chance to break free from the shackles of mediocrity and aim for something big, something that changes you and your team members’

Keys on Selling Your Startup Story

All startup founders believe that their startup is the best thing in the world, but is there anyone else buying that? Every early-stage startup needs to get recognition, if not capital or funding. Thus, if the startup founders can’t convince people on how their startup product can change people’s lives, the startup won’t be one

Negotiating Salary from a Startup Job Offer

Everybody knows that a startup is one risky business. Most startups aren’t able to give your expected salary. You’re putting yourself on a more significant risk, if your compensation is dependent upon how well the startup is doing. For employees, salary is pretty much their motivation on doing their best at work. However, compensation at

How to Avoid Burnout in Startup Life

You might have heard, or even feel, that startup life is not easy. Yes, all hands on deck all the time. Both startup founders and employees probably can manage those limitless works. However, burnout is a very real phenomenon. For startup founders, running a startup can be very challenging. They often compared the burnout to

5 Ways of Digital Marketing for Startups

Unlike some giant companies with a million dollar to burn, most startups don’t have marketing money at all. Startups’ budgets are low for everything, and probably zero for marketing. With many limitations, there are five ways of digital marketing for startups: 1. Digital marketing should be inexpensive, or even free As much as startups believe

Make the Right Evaluation and Know the Worth of Your Startup

Building a startup does take a tad bit more than you’ll plan. Sowing the seed of an idea, figuring out a way to implement it, allocate resources and mapping all possible pitfalls to avert. Nevertheless, you observe various industry trends and try to gauge your business concept, to find whether it’s worthwhile enough to be

Will Millennials Thrive at Startups?

Startups are everywhere. As far as you can see, many startups are founded by Millennials. They are young at age, but bravely start something new with minimal experiences. Their idealism leads to create an innovative solution in this fast-changing world. However, we all know that most startups fail. Very few startups are able to survive