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4 Scarce Recruiting Tips for Startups

In order to grow, every startup needs to recruit talent. However, most talents are less likely to join startups, since they believe startups require more working hours as well as lower paycheck. So, how come startups overcome recruiting? In fact, usual recruiting tips may not be working for startups, such as offering packages comparable to

4 Warning Signs of Bad Investors

Most startup founders take any investor to help them run the business. Indeed, raising money is a difficult task for early-stage startups. Thus, whenever money is offered, it is our nature to accept it. However, you should always be careful. In business, nobody is genuinely nice. Your angel today may turn to be the devil

Why Startups Should Pay More Attention to Design

Have your startup realised the importance of good design? The answer is probably no. Many startups do not value design. They focus on having brilliant developers, as well as co-founders. But they not emphasizing for good designers. The truth is, it’s a pity. Good design really makes a difference between startup success and dismal failure.

Revealed, 5 Startup Killers

There must be some reasons on why a startup can’t survive. Indeed, most startups can’t even last for more than five years. Sure, you do not want your startup to fail. Thus, learn these five startup killers, and avoid those things at all cost. One founder only Are you a single startup founder? It is

3 Essential Tips for Startup Social Media Marketing

With very limited budget (especially on marketing), startups have no other choice than to step up their game on using the power of social media. It is definitely a preferred choice rather than expensive advertisements. But startups have to put more efforts, in order to make social media marketing work. Naturally, a startup can be

Startup Talent War: How to Overcome It

Talent war between startups and corporates are a common sight. While corporates is bigger in scale and more established, startups are mostly fast and driven. The choice now belongs to the talent. Do they prefer a settled corporate, or an agile startup? Indeed, the war between startups and corporates is all about talent. Let’s say

Managing Your Startup Across Multiple Places

Many startups hire employees outside their city or country. It’s probably lower in cost, but it needs more efforts to manage your startup. Do you really feel that you can build a team that spread across the country or all over the world? Of course, it is not a piece of cake. If you are

5 Signs That It Is Time to Redirect Your Startup

Since the inception of your startup, there have been those incessant advices. From choosing your idea carefully, not nurturing a revenue model that repels investors, and closes down your company. However, the most imperative thing to consider during this process is the self-evaluation you need to undergo. This includes looking into a number of constraints

Top 3 Sites to Visit for Your Startup Funding Attempt

Everyone knows that building a startup needs a hefty stack of cash. With your startup funds running low, there is no other choice than looking for funding for your startup. From angel investor to crowdfunding, there are plenty options you can consider. Hence, startup founders are more lucky with a myriad of supports for startups

How to Trigger Your Startup to be Innovative

What are the requirements of stand-out startups? Most of them are innovative enough to catch people’s attention. Luckily, even early-stage startups can be innovative. Uber and Tesla might be the example of sexy startups which offers innovation for its consumers. They are the kind of startups that make into headlines. Disrupt. It is a word