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Ask yourself These Questions Before Jumping Into Entrepreneurship

Being an employee has never been so easy. You have to establish a great working relationship with your boss, your officemates and of course, you have to face the everyday hustle and bustle of the corporate world.   For many of us, being an employee is the only thing that we use to pay the

Starting your Startup – Risks to Avoid

No one could ever explain how exciting and empowering it is to create your very own startup.   However, despite all the happiness, anticipation and excitement, this can also be a very risky move. Only a quarter of startups are successful when it comes to paying back their investors, and half of it will face

Pick the Perfect Startup Partner

Romantic relationships are most often than not, tricky and are expected to fail if both parties cannot compromise. However, not only do romantic partnerships are like this. There are business partnerships that are most likely very much the same as romantic relationships. It requires a healthy and functional partnership between both parties to achieve success.