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Is It Possible to Have Work-Life Balance at a Startup?

Some people said that work-life balance is a myth. It’s even more impossible for startup people to achieve work-life balance. So, is it possible to have work-life balance when you are working for a startup? Startup work environment is stressful by nature. All of us are struggling to reach work-life balance. It is clearly very

How to Avoid Burnout in Startup Life

You might have heard, or even feel, that startup life is not easy. Yes, all hands on deck all the time. Both startup founders and employees probably can manage those limitless works. However, burnout is a very real phenomenon. For startup founders, running a startup can be very challenging. They often compared the burnout to

Will Millennials Thrive at Startups?

Startups are everywhere. As far as you can see, many startups are founded by Millennials. They are young at age, but bravely start something new with minimal experiences. Their idealism leads to create an innovative solution in this fast-changing world. However, we all know that most startups fail. Very few startups are able to survive

Effective Multitasking for Both Startup Founders and Employees

We often heard that multitasking is no good for productivity. But hey, we have to do multitasking! It’s practically the way startup works. Startup employees need to wear multiple hats, and don’t ask about how busy and time-consuming startup founders could be. Both startup founders and employees need to sharpen their multitasking skills. Well, most

Tools to Boost The Productivity at Your Startup

Everyday should be as productive as possible at a startup. Every single person on the startup team is forced to be a master efficiency, since he/she is wearing so many hats. The business depends on their ability to make the right choices, and spend the right amount of time to do their tasks. To boost

What It Feels Like to Be a Startup Founder?

Are you a startup founder? Or someone who is trying to be one? Whoever you are, being a startup founder is the real deal. Constant tough calls and decisions will jazz up your days. It is 24/7/365 accountability. You are the one who are responsible for every cent of revenue, every dollar spent, every mistake

The Pleasure Only Startup Workers Understand

Life ain’t easy for startup workers. But that doesn’t mean they are not having the time of their lives! They say the startup journey is full of ups and downs. However, ‘roller coaster’ is just a metaphor for positive thinking people. Yes, startup life isn’t glamorous at all. But still, there are many pleasures that

Reasons Why Startup People Love Coworking Space

Coworking space might be the favourite place for startup founders and workers nowadays. Even though they can work anywhere: home, office, cafe, you name it! Coworking space is special. Why? For startup founders, renting an office is quite expensive (moreover to buy one). They need to find an office with reasonable pricing and cozy enough.