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What Hires are Startup Founder Looking For?

From our previous post, we know that startup job is not for everyone. However, startups are offering millions of jobs each year. But founders are only looking for someone who will best complement to their rising startups. Turns out, a startup founder also has their own criteria for any employee they hire. Yes, it’s not

7 Reasons to be A Nice Startup Founder

Great leaders are often linked with strong characters, such as authoritative and manipulative. In other words, a startup founder can be a jerk sometimes. With so many things to do, they push their employees to the limit. No wonder, a lot of people come and go at your startup. They probably like your vision and

Revealed, 8 Untrue Startup Myths You Should Ignore

There are many mythologies around being a startup founder. Thousands of startup founders failed each year, and that might be because they fall for the common myths. Honestly, most of the myths isn’t true, and only rounding up popular misconceptions about starting a startup. Let’s look at these myths that are not entirely true!