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Negotiating Salary from a Startup Job Offer

Everybody knows that a startup is one risky business. Most startups aren’t able to give your expected salary. You’re putting yourself on a more significant risk, if your compensation is dependent upon how well the startup is doing. For employees, salary is pretty much their motivation on doing their best at work. However, compensation at

How long are you prepared to work in startup having a much lower salary?

There are a few things that one should always keep in mind while joining a startup – one that it is a risk, second that it is going to take a long time for the seeds of prosperity to mature and thirdly, ask yourself what you are actually after – money or knowledge? According to

How to negotiate for a better salary if the startup is having profits?

If you are looking to join a start-up and know for sure that the startup is profitable and making money, there is a huge chance of getting a fat pay if you are good at negotiation skills. However, the problem with most of the startups is that the management and the owners are aware of

Competitive salary or higher equities if you were to join startup?

Joining a startup is always going to be a tricky decision and it cannot be discounted that the luck plays an important role here. For many experienced professionals, with families and children to care for, it is somehow the conservative point of view that makes a lot of sense as without competitive salary along with