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Effective Multitasking for Both Startup Founders and Employees

We often heard that multitasking is no good for productivity. But hey, we have to do multitasking! It’s practically the way startup works. Startup employees need to wear multiple hats, and don’t ask about how busy and time-consuming startup founders could be. Both startup founders and employees need to sharpen their multitasking skills. Well, most

How to Get More Time Out of Less

There are too much on your plate, but everybody only gets 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You feel like you owe some sleep time to your body, or even feel guilty because you keep cutting your quality time with family and significant others. Good news is, the best way to get

Get More Done Today; Hack Your Schedule.

Many experts have said it, dedicating a time or a day in a week for the week’s review, evaluation and planning is essential to everyone, especially to those who are playing several roles in a day. These are working parents, boss of a company, or an employee that has a lot of extra-curricular activities. This