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Why You Should Get an Internship with a Startup

Are you looking for an internship? Sure thing, startups would be a great choice for you. Why? All of us are looking for benefits when it comes to doing internship. During an internship, you are able to work under close supervision of existing staff. Consider it as an advantage as you would improve your skills

Tools to Ease Collaboration for Startups

Collaboration is key, especially for startups. A symbiotic relationship is always the most ideal, as it gives some advantage for your small business. It is quite normal for startups to have employees from different parts of the word. What they need is a highly efficient collaboration between skillsets and capabilities. Luckily, current access to information

4 Startup Co-Founder ‘Dating’ Sites to Try

Every startup founder understands that they couldn’t do it all alone. They need someone, or even more people, to help them build the startup. Thus, they simply have to find co-founder(s) whom complement their skill sets. For example, if you are a business guy, then your co-founder should be more into tech things. A co-founder

Why You Should Work for a Startup than a Corporate Company

Startup or corporate? Some people still don’t know which one suits them the most. Worse, they don’t even know what is their dream career would be. In that case, startup is definitely the better choice. As clueless as you are at the moment, startup forces you to thrive on taking risks and initiatives. Working in

Startup Lingo: 6 Appealing Words You Should Know

Do you speak startup? Startups, particularly digital startups, are growing fast. And there are new words founded in this industry. Funny thing is, most people outside the startup world don’t understand these words at all. As you might be a new startup employee or a young startup founder, you should sharpen your knowledge to learn

Keys on Selling Your Startup Story

All startup founders believe that their startup is the best thing in the world, but is there anyone else buying that? Every early-stage startup needs to get recognition, if not capital or funding. Thus, if the startup founders can’t convince people on how their startup product can change people’s lives, the startup won’t be one

Make the Right Evaluation and Know the Worth of Your Startup

Building a startup does take a tad bit more than you’ll plan. Sowing the seed of an idea, figuring out a way to implement it, allocate resources and mapping all possible pitfalls to avert. Nevertheless, you observe various industry trends and try to gauge your business concept, to find whether it’s worthwhile enough to be

Applying for a Startup? Ask These Questions During The Interview!

Applying for an early-stage startup? Chances are, it will be easy for you to get the job. However, won’t it a little bit risky to work there? Well, you can reduce the jitters on the job interview! There’s a huge chance you’ll meet the startup founders. If they ask “Do you have any questions for

Bootstrapping: Ideal or Not?

Some startups are waiting for magic to happen (aka the help from rich investor), but other startups are brave enough to do bootstrapping. Bootstrap is indeed, a critical decision for your ‘baby’ startup. Which would be better? Raising funds through venture capital? Or self-fund your startup by bootstrapping? The implications of each decision will be

Initial Startups: Behind the Scenes #2 – Twofold

Soon-to-be Entrepreneurs or aspiring to be one? Ever wondered what went on ‘behind-the-scenes’? For those who had miss out Startup Jobs Asia’s Initial Startups – Behind the Scenes Series 1, here’s Series 2! Learn about the challenges, planning processes and more from the Startups Startup Jobs Asia had interviewed! For our 1st interview, we’ve gotten the