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Startup Story: Warung Pintar

Southeast Asia (SEA) is home to some of the most notable unicorns. While the region is known for its exquisite tourist attractions, its startup ecosystem is gaining momentum in attracting international investors. Indonesia, the biggest and most populous country in SEA, is slowly becoming the next internet economy in the region due to its rapid

Benefits of Campus Hiring for Startups

Startup is often pictured as a team full of young people, Millennials and Gen-Z. They are deemed as the representation of fresh ideas, enthusiastic youths eager to develop with the newly-built startups. With a young-driven image, startups often hire their talents through campus hiring. If you’re a founder looking to conduct your first campus hiring,

Startup Story: Carsome Malaysia

Introduced in 2015, Carsome was a new kid on the block in Malaysia’s startup community. Since then, it consistently grew into one of the largest integrated car e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. Being the first of its kind, Carsome acknowledges the need for such a single systematic platform for transparency and convenience, as well as

Trello App Review for Your Startup Project Management

  Efficiency should be at the heart of every startup, be it financial or performance-related. There are many productivity apps that can help you achieve a better workflow on a daily basis. However, choosing the most suitable one among many options can be quite daunting. One of the most popular productivity apps, which serves mainly

Free Design Resources for Startup Brand Identity

In the era of Instagram and Tiktok, the visual aspect of your brand is indispensable. Visual speaks louder and it is imperative for startups like yours to follow the bandwagon. Coming up with a visionary, valuable product or service is no longer enough to attract customers if you fail to wrap them in alluring visual

Learn How Chickin Indonesia Made It to Forbes Under 30

As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is home to thousands of dynamic and growing startups of all development levels; from cockroach to decacorn. As the startup ecosystem is thriving, the Indonesian government wants to keep the momentum by offering support to newly-built business projects. Spearheaded by Pertamina, a state-owned enterprise (SOE), they held

Startups in Asia to Watch Out For in 2022

A great number of startups in Asia have performed extraordinarily well in recent years, attracting the attention of global audiences. The region is well-known for its expanding layer of tech-savvy middle class and long-term economic opportunities, making the market increasingly appealing to all types of investors. Even after being battered by the COVID-19, Asia has

Early Signs of Burnout and How to Overcome Them

When people hear the term ‘burnout’, they frequently think of mental and emotional symptoms like hopelessness and low morale. The truth is, burnout can grow slowly over time, resulting in less evident symptoms that affect long-term performance. With the fast-paced dynamic of the startup world, both leaders and employees are vulnerable to burnout due to

Why Startups Need to Start Making Instagram Reels

TikTok is taking the internet by storm and amassing billions of new users in a relatively short time. As the video app quickly attracts Millennials and Gen Z, Instagram is not in a negotiable position to lose against it. And hence, Instagram Reels is launched. Similar to TikTok videos, Reels allows users to post videos

Is Working at a Startup Suitable for You?

For fresh graduates looking to land their first professional roles, startups are often seen as a great stepping stone. Being part of the ‘new’ work culture that values diversity, creativity, sustainability, and innovation seems like a dream come true, especially for millennials and Gen Zs. While startup has been the talk of the town in