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Top 3 Sites to Visit for Your Startup Funding Attempt

Everyone knows that building a startup needs a hefty stack of cash. With your startup funds running low, there is no other choice than looking for funding for your startup. From angel investor to crowdfunding, there are plenty options you can consider. Hence, startup founders are more lucky with a myriad of supports for startups

Raising Equity Through Crowdfunding

Most startup companies with limited funds are now giving crowdfunding a shot. Any publicity is good publicity, and online advertisements looking for investors are already an acceptable means of solicitation. This also gives you the opportunity to meet influencers in your niche as you go out of your way to pitch to them. In raising

Competitive salary or higher equities if you were to join startup?

Joining a startup is always going to be a tricky decision and it cannot be discounted that the luck plays an important role here. For many experienced professionals, with families and children to care for, it is somehow the conservative point of view that makes a lot of sense as without competitive salary along with