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4 Things New Entrepreneurs Must Learn About Sales and Marketing

Entrepreneurs are one of the most skillful people in the business industry. They are known to be risk-takers, innovators, and problem solvers. Despite this, entrepreneurs are still not perfect. Many of them find dealing with sales and marketing hard.   If you are an aspiring entrepreneur ready to go out into the real and competitive

Think Twice Before Running a Startup From Home

One can say that working from home is the best thing that ever happened in this industry. The comfort and relaxation that comes with working at your own convenience is really undeniable. But it cannot be denied the risks that come along with this.   Do you have what it takes? The pitfalls that come

7 Things That Make Great Entrepreneurs Tick

Successful entrepreneurs and brilliant innovators are everywhere in Silicon Valley.   Palo Alto or Mt. View, name it, you cannot walk down their streets without bumping into top executives who started out in a little garage shop, research lab, or college dorm room.   The thing is, each all have unique qualities. But it is

What Can Entrepreneurs Learn From The Kids

Wisdom often comes out of the mouths of kids in the most unexpected times, reminding us that our age does not equate to better intellectual stature at all. Intrinsically, we still own the qualities of the invariable innocence of a child, and an entrepreneur can integrate a child’s indispensable perspective with his own pursuit to