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10 Movies about Startup You Could Watch and Learn From

Stories, be it fiction or real, can always impress audiences with their lesson or value that are often based on real facts. While good movies can excite and engage us – make us feel that the story is real, the right films can do much more. Thus, if you are a movie lover, here are

Lesson Learnt: What Do Young Entrepreneurs Do Wrongly?

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain More and more small businesses are emerging in the market. A survey by Small Business Trends showed that nearly 70 percent of entrepreneurs start running their own business from home. While

Want to Build a Startup? Pay Heed to These 7 Common Mistakes

Starting your own business can be rewarding and challenging at the same time. Beyond the prospect of making more money than working under someone else’s direction, having a company of your own lets you have the option of a more flexible lifestyle. As you will be in control of your business, you can arrange your

Top 5 Behaviours Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

In continuance to  the article about ‘5 Traits Every Successful Startup Founder Has (and You Should Too)‘, it is of most importance we also list out the negative. Here are 5 Behaviours exhibited by entrepreneurs that could result in the failure of their startups which you should know and avoid at all cost! Not Planning

Tools to Boost The Productivity at Your Startup

Everyday should be as productive as possible at a startup. Every single person on the startup team is forced to be a master efficiency, since he/she is wearing so many hats. The business depends on their ability to make the right choices, and spend the right amount of time to do their tasks. To boost

What It Feels Like to Be a Startup Founder?

Are you a startup founder? Or someone who is trying to be one? Whoever you are, being a startup founder is the real deal. Constant tough calls and decisions will jazz up your days. It is 24/7/365 accountability. You are the one who are responsible for every cent of revenue, every dollar spent, every mistake

Shy Entrepreneurs…Here’s Some ‘Weapons’ to Use

When we hear the word entrepreneur, we always picture a very outgoing, friendly, social butterfly and a very bubbly person. We always kind of put entrepreneurs inside a box full of colors, adventures and excitement. Well, no one can ever blame us. It is expected or anticipated that they are all like that because of

4 Things New Entrepreneurs Must Learn About Sales and Marketing

Entrepreneurs are one of the most skillful people in the business industry. They are known to be risk-takers, innovators, and problem solvers. Despite this, entrepreneurs are still not perfect. Many of them find dealing with sales and marketing hard.   If you are an aspiring entrepreneur ready to go out into the real and competitive

Think Twice Before Running a Startup From Home

One can say that working from home is the best thing that ever happened in this industry. The comfort and relaxation that comes with working at your own convenience is really undeniable. But it cannot be denied the risks that come along with this.   Do you have what it takes? The pitfalls that come

7 Things That Make Great Entrepreneurs Tick

Successful entrepreneurs and brilliant innovators are everywhere in Silicon Valley.   Palo Alto or Mt. View, name it, you cannot walk down their streets without bumping into top executives who started out in a little garage shop, research lab, or college dorm room.   The thing is, each all have unique qualities. But it is