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Pick the Perfect Startup Partner

Romantic relationships are most often than not, tricky and are expected to fail if both parties cannot compromise. However, not only do romantic partnerships are like this. There are business partnerships that are most likely very much the same as romantic relationships. It requires a healthy and functional partnership between both parties to achieve success.

Be a Co-Founder

Quite often, when an entrepreneur has a business idea yet do not have the skills to build it or has great tech skills but lacking in the business area? And these entrepreneurs wonder on how to go about finding co-founders? At Startup Jobs Asia’s platform, you can easily ‘shout out’ to the rest that you

How to ask for departure if your co-founder is not competent

Being an entrepreneur is challenging by itself and if you are in a partnership, the situation becomes all the more complex. In a partnership company, the competency and compatibility of both the partners are very important as there are professional as well as emotional factors involved, which if it is strong, the company and the