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Going for an Interview with a Startup? These questions are what you must ask.

When you are interviewing at an early-stage startup, meeting not only your future boss but also the CEO of the company or other senior leadership is the scenario most likely to happen. While preparing to answer tough questions at this stage in the process is what most job candidates do, there are also a few

is this Love or Money?

Let’s talk about one of the many forms of love: The dream job that your heart desires. Everyone has something that they are passionate about, something that they would kill for just so they can have it in their hands. So let’s say that you have a job but it’s not what you really love.

Work-Life Balance – Spend More Time Working Outside of the Office

Things are done differently nowadays as it was done before. People live in the still spreading suburbs or urban centers while rural communities are shrinking. Green space is disappearing. And we’re suffering. Nature is the natural state of the animal known as man. It is home. It’s in our blood and in our genes. We

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Make That Career Switch

Nobody knows who you are better than you. Currently, you know that your dream awaits at the back of that door. But for now, you just thought and resorted to work in a corporate world as your stepping stone towards it. But then reality bites hard, and whenever you feel edgy with your monotonous life

6 Steps to Be Super Efficient

Having the chance to be on the road for more than 150 days a year triggered Joseph Grenny to be very skilled at being mobile and efficient. Joseph Grenny, a popular speaker, corporate and leadership trainer and an author came up with a number of strategies on how he can make himself more efficient whether


Good in Sales, Operations or Business Development? Moving up the ladder to Management? Yearning for the challenge and finding limited opportunities in a Startup environment? Here at Startup Jobs Asia, we have loads of opportunities for you! With new opportunities updated every day, you can be discovering great careers and exploring new challenges! Here are

Want to Work for Startups? Here’s your chance.

Want to Work For a Startup? Interested to work for Startups? Startup Jobs Asia is the right place for you! Boasting more than 1000 jobs from Startups! New job opportunities from these exciting Startups are updated every day! To start you off… let’s move on to these Startups that are currently hiring…   Profyle is looking for a Senior Web Application

Ways to Figure Out If Working in a Startup is Right for You

Some people liked getting lost in a new city, as for them, it is therapy. Getting lost can also mean starting an adventure! Thus, some fun and real exciting experiences. In looking for a job, if you’re in it for the experience rather than the salary, then you might want to consider working in a

Want to Work in a Startup? Here are 4 Skills You’ll Need!

Startups have revolutionized the definition of business. And by the term startup, these companies are still “starting” its development phase. Most of them are in a totally different niche where chance of success is 50/50. With that being said, managers running these businesses – which are usually the founders themselves, are no fan of a

Quit Your Job And Be An Entrepreneur

Some people are not meant to play the limited role of an employee, which triggers a desire to shift gears and turn towards entrepreneurship. Venturing into entrepreneurship is, however, a journey towards discovery with a lot of challenges. But once the influx of reward comes in, all the hard work is extremely worth it in