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4 Strong Reasons to Start Blogging (to Land a Startup Job!)

There are several things you can do before you go work for a startup, and blogging is definitely one of them. Any startup would be impressed if you are able to post good content consistently, add custom features to your blog, perform search engine optimization (SEO), and systematically improve it. Having a popular blog is

Tools to Boost The Productivity at Your Startup

Everyday should be as productive as possible at a startup. Every single person on the startup team is forced to be a master efficiency, since he/she is wearing so many hats. The business depends on their ability to make the right choices, and spend the right amount of time to do their tasks. To boost

How Working at a Startup Can Accelerate Your Career

Some says working at a startup will take you nowhere. No clear career path, no guarantee that you will get a better position after years of service. However, working at a startup is becoming a trend! Many experienced workers are giving up their roles, leaving big companies to join startups. They might feel that working

Is a Startup Job Really Suitable For You?

Startups offer a variety of working style than usual corporate companies. Flexible working hours (which sometimes mean up to 8 hours/day), casual attire, constant travelling, and endless tasks. The startup life might not fit everyone, especially with no guarantees to get promoted or bigger paychecks. There are pros and cons working in a startup, of

Mistakes not to make when applying for a Startup

For job-hunters out there, looking for a job can be a lot of hard work. But landing on a great job at a startup company can be very stressful.   However, on the other side of the picture, little did we know, finding a great hire can also be very difficult. Start-up companies also require

Are you the right talent fit?

Are you the right talent fit? Do you like building up brand awareness and always on the lookout for new innovative ways to bring the brand you are taking care of to a higher peak? Look for new marketing positions opportunities and challenges in Startups via Startup Jobs Asia’s platform! Startup Jobs Asia’s Jobs Portal

Have you check this out?

Startups are Hiring! Enjoy how a little tweak can perhaps solve an issue? Been interested in coding and looking for new areas to develop yourself further? Want to be part of starting something new? We have what you are looking for! Startup Jobs Asia brings you loads of job opportunities in Startups that are just

5 Ways to Think Like an Entrepreneur in Your Career

The business world is not kind for everyone especially when you’ve just started. But having the guts to start on a business venture can be said to be an advantage among those who just stand by.   So what do you do, not only have the courage but also to think more like business owner?

3 Ways to Land a Job at a Startup

Luck must be on your side if you have the opportunity to join a hot startup once in your life. If you know what you want and you know how to get there, you might just be able to experience all the excitement, the energy and the equity that comes with working in a cool

Driven & Go-Getters?

Maximise Your Potential! Like meeting new people and enjoy networking? Have flair to speak amicably with strangers? Yearn to reach a greater height and have the opportunity to maximize the potential you know you can reach? Here’s your chance now! Startups are looking for people like you to join their sales & business development team!