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How Startups Can Stay Ahead of Competitors

Running a startup in 2022 is challenging; while your projects may have great potential for growth, you must foster innovation and stay ahead of competitors to thrive. Some resilient startups have successfully proven their worth and acquired funding from venture capitals, while many others are still struggling financially and seeking stability. As more startups emerge

Venture Capitals in Southeast Asia: What You Need to Know

  It is no secret that venture capitals boost development of startups in Southeast Asia. The region’s venture capital (VC) is an interesting sector of the Asia private equity market, and investors should think about building ties with Southeast Asian VC managers. With the expansion of the IT industry, investors are focusing more on tech-based

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Make That Career Switch

Several years along the lines, you might start to feel your current job is not the right call. Maybe you finally achieve your goal but the sense of fulfillment you expect never comes, or maybe you feel the goal is never meant for you after all. Whichever it is, the matter of switching careers is

Learnings from the 2022 Startup Bubble Burst: Pros and Cons in Working for a Startup

Recently, the 2022 Startup Bubble Burst has been one of the top go-to gossip among the people of the internet. Rumors have been going around claiming this is the end for the funding havens after the US equities have been forced to trade down hard for months. Credible anonymous tips were given that massive lay-offs

Startup Story: Warung Pintar

Southeast Asia (SEA) is home to some of the most notable unicorns. While the region is known for its exquisite tourist attractions, its startup ecosystem is gaining momentum in attracting international investors. Indonesia, the biggest and most populous country in SEA, is slowly becoming the next internet economy in the region due to its rapid

Benefits of Campus Hiring for Startups

Startup is often pictured as a team full of young people, Millennials and Gen-Z. They are deemed as the representation of fresh ideas, enthusiastic youths eager to develop with the newly-built startups. With a young-driven image, startups often hire their talents through campus hiring. If you’re a founder looking to conduct your first campus hiring,

6 Steps to Be Super Efficient

We all know that one person who seems to be getting everything done far before the deadline. Whether it is a friend, a colleague or even a member of your own family, these types of people often leave us wondering if they ever stop working given how fast they are delivering tasks. However, did you

Salaries Or Higher Equities? Which One to Choose If You Join a Startup

As a new business project, a startup is often so cash-strapped that it seeks another method to compensate its employees. Among the most popular types of non-cash compensation is equity, in which founders give their staff some part of the company’s ownership. If you are looking to join a startup as a talent, you might

Woman in Startup: TernakUang’s CPO Felicia Putri Tjiasaka

Startups are said to be the agent of change; what may not work in established corporations may work better in startups. Among these things is the role of women in C-level positions, which remains a rare sight in big organizations. Startups, on the other hand, see no harm in having women to lead the company.

Outsourcing to Escalate Startup Growth: Why and How

  Achieving more by doing less; isn’t it too good to be true? For a growing startup like yours, this can be done by outsourcing. Outsourcing makes it possible to delegate some tasks, typically administrative and paper-related support, to a third-party provider so you can focus on a more strategic role. Now, if you’re wondering