Startups: What you need to be successful

Having a startup business can be very stressful. Even though it is just a small type of business, everything needs to be organized first hand. If you are a startup business owner, you’re not only the business proprietor himself, but most of the time you are also your very own secretary, accountant and sometimes, advertiser. Everything will depend on you.

Hard work is really needed to get your startup business up and running. However there are still some important notes that you should consider to make your business a hit what are those? Well they are the following:

  • Customers. Technically, all businesses start with choosing or identifying their target market. Of course it is also important to know that your business is supplying needs and demands that are not yet fully addressed. The products and services that you can provide would mean a lot to people that they will not be forced but whole heartedly pay for it. The customer that you identify clearly represents the market that really matches your own abilities.
  • Merchandise. The product or the services that you are about to offer should directly suffice an unmet need or desire of a certain group of people that will eventually be your customers. Always keep your focus in trying to solve a problem and not to make it ambiguous by trying to cater a lot to clients when in fact, what they need is just a simple aspect of your product. While in the process of creating your merchandise, try to think of solving at least one to three problems per product to avoid contradicting ideas in your product.
  • Time. All markets have a life cycle. There are a lot of products that are perfect for a certain season and there are some which are not. There’s also some merchandise which are very lucky to sustain their sales all throughout the year. A startup company should be very careful with regards to choosing what product they will sell and also what time of the year they will launch it. Timing is very essential especially for a business which is about to start.
  • Competitors. Competitions are good because they make you feel that what you have right now is never enough. However, too much of a competition can lead to self-destruction so be very careful.
  • Financial status. You may want to secure your finances before you start with your business. Money is a very important thing in startup companies for your money alone as a proprietor will be everything. As of now, you don’t have any investors yet as you still have to establish your name in the business. Be wise in spending your company’s money for this will definitely be very critical when you lose even a certain percentage of it.
  • Team members. Any clan at war needs a very reliable team of warriors. Be wise in choosing your team members, they will be your eyes, your hands and your brains in the business. They are the ones who will definitely drive the wheels of your business. But of course, it is up to your decision whether or not your team will take your business to the left or to the right. So your guidance is still essential.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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