Startup Vibes: How to Create Fun and Creative Workplace

How would you answer if someone asks you, ‘What is the most striking difference between a startup and a corporate?’ Besides the obvious contrast of their business size, chances are, company culture is often seen as the most distinctive character that sets startup and corporate apart. Corporate is known for its formal organisational structure and rigid hierarchy, while startup has more informal and casual culture. While both cultures have their own pluses and minuses, it goes without saying that company culture is essential for a successful business.

In order to build a rewarding startup with solid teamwork, you need to create a company culture that inspires the employees to give their best performance. By establishing the right culture that fits with your company’s goals and values, it will keep employee’s enthusiasm at work while pushing up their productivity and creativity. Obviously, with the rising productivity and creativity, it will improve the outcomes and thus take your startup to a greater height of success with better quality.

That being said, you should create a fun and creative workplace that can upgrade your employee’s satisfaction and encourage them to be more passionate at work. Fun and creative environment can be an ideal startup culture that draws inspirations to set up a collaborative and inclusive spirit for achieving organisational goals. Here are some insights to create fun and creative culture at your startup:

Design chill-out office space

Instead of working in a sad little cubicle, you might want to work in a place with dozens of colourful bean bags, massage room, recreation room, and even sleeping room. With all those facilities, your employees will have some fun and relaxing time that will help them come up with fresh ideas and keep their happiness level. Your workplace should reflect fun and creative culture by designing an office space that is cozy, relaxing, and welcoming. Such atmosphere makes your employee find perfect balance between personal space and community spirit which also builds healthy competition and decrease stress level at workplace.

Encourage employee to volunteer

Human being naturally likes to help each other as it positively effects on one’s emotional, mental and physical condition as well as improving better mood. Therefore, encouraging your employees to be volunteers for social or charity events can be a good way to keep their positivity. It will motivate your employees to work under positive vibes that makes them happy when doing their job.

Conduct regular outings

By allowing your employee to have some fresh air or seeing new things such as visiting museums or simply having dinner together with the team, you can stimulate their creativity and innovation. Gathering employees to have some chit-chat and brainstorming can also help them find new insights and ideas. It can be a perfect cure to reduce employee stress level and build better employee engagement.

Ensure work-life balance

You need to understand that your employees need some break time during their tight schedules and approaching deadlines. To let out their creativity under pressure, they need fun and flexible environment. Tight deadlines and overtime work often make them lack of focus and instead of being productive, they will easily get exhausted and in turn affect their creativity. Owing to this reason, you need to put attention on what can make them content and satisfied in working for the company, so you can fulfil their personal needs that balance with organisational goals. Because when an employee is satisfied with the company, it reflects in their work.

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