Startup Talent War: How to Overcome It

Startup Talent War: How to Overcome It

Talent war between startups and corporates are a common sight. While corporates is bigger in scale and more established, startups are mostly fast and driven. The choice now belongs to the talent. Do they prefer a settled corporate, or an agile startup?

Indeed, the war between startups and corporates is all about talent. Let’s say the ratio is 50:50. With only 50% of talents prefer startups (possibly even less), there is another talent war within startup world!

Limited talent has made each startups pit against one another to get the best possible hire. The war for talent is happening now in the startup world. Simply take a look at the increasingly competitive landscape for recruiting.

Most startups face the same problems. Startup hiring is a challenging task. Yet, founders really can’t do it all by themselves. Every startup needs talent to develop a brilliant product. Good talents are required to drive the startup into success.

Unfortunately, some startups are seriously lagging in the competition for talent. It is hard to find someone to fill particular positions in the startup, while they are also losing their best people to more successful startups (or corporates).

As a founder, you probably realised the talent problem from a long time ago. However, have you done something to address it? Probably not.

The solution

Looking for talents who are driven, multitasker, and goal-oriented will not be easy when startup talent war is happening. But of course, we want to bring our startup to the next level. Although it is difficult to hire the right talent from a small talent pool, you should overcome it!

Yes, talent is in control at the moment. They can choose startups they like based on the salary, benefits, and startup’s prospect. Thus, every startup has to be proactive and showcase their competitive sides. Remember, the old war with corporates is not literally end yet. Many corporate companies are attracting, poaching, and enticing talents to leave startup world.

Luckily, startup hiring may eventually come to this stage to be sportive and explicit. Join the clean war on Startup Jobs Asia. It is a platform that attracts a huge amount of talents. Startup Jobs Asia has changed talent’s mindset to find startup jobs more sexier than corporates. Indeed, startups offer good learning development as well as other perks and benefits.

One of Startup Jobs Asia real action is an initiative named “Startup Bus”. It attracts talents and fresh graduates to eventually choose startups over corporates. The bus takes journeys for students to visit startup companies and its founders. Naturally, they can ‘fall in love’ with startup environments.

So, let’s decrease hiring hassle in the startup world by posting job vacancies on Startup Jobs Asia. Less ‘pain’, hit the right talent, and you may win the game. May the best startup win!


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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