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Startup Companies are basically everywhere now and it has been noticed that these Startup Companies are constantly met with the challenges of hiring talents with the right fit of skills and accompanied by the risks involved in joining a Startup. Thus began Startup Jobs Asia

Startup Jobs Asia was founded in the mid Dec 2012 with the aim to help these Startups overcome the hiring barriers and also to drive through these barriers to form a bridge between these potential talents and the Startup. It aims to create a better leverage and platform for Startup Hire in Asia and help connect the right talent fit within their growing and emerging business.

Startup Jobs team is rather small with Ben Chew as full-time & the rest contributing as much as they can in technical, social media/community etc. They are currently running in a bootstrapping mode.

They engage on various social media platforms to connect with the people. In addition, they have also been covered by one of Singapore’s National paper – Straits Times as well as a radio interview with FM93.8, which helped them to increase their visibility. Apart from this they engage in offline engagement events such as talks, events, career fairs etc. Furthermore, they have supporting partners who further help to spread the word.

Their aim is to “sexify” jobs at Startups and to grow the human capital eco-system for Startups. In short, they want to be the “voice” for Startups in the perspective of human capital.

As the startup eco-system continues to grow further within the Asia region, talents will be one of the most important and contributing factor for early stage startups while they strive to scale their business. They expect Startup Jobs Asia to grow with startups within the region in an upscale manner.

When asked about the vision of Startup Jobs Asia, Ben replies,

“Building world class companies in Asia, one talent at a time. Right talents at the right role, at the right time.”

There are a lot of jobs available out there today. You just have to find the right platform, and Startup Jobs Asia does just that.

We wish Startup Jobs Asia all the very best future endeavors.

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