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Hooray! Startup Jobs Asia finally launch its own blog. *Claps*

After some thorough brain-storming, we thought, what could be a better opening entry than us sharing with all of you,” How Startup Jobs Asia started and Why?” Thus, we’ve invited the founder of Startup Jobs Asia, Ben Chew to share with all of you about it. So here we go…

Personal Message from Startup Jobs Asia, Founder – Ben Chew:

“Many friends and good people whom I get associated with, have asked me what and why, did I start Startup Jobs Asia. I decided to put it in writing today should my memory fail soon. Here is how the idea is born:

At Startup Club, I was tasked to take charge of Business Development. At one of the Founders Drinks organized by e27, I managed to have a chat with Grace Chng and we spoke about Startup Club on a brief note. We agreed to meet up in the upcoming weeks of which I was hopeful she will do an article coverage of the club itself. Finally, we met and I was caught in a surprise! During the coffee chat, she “triggered” me (in her personal capacity) with the possibility of contributing to the startup eco-system from where my background come from. That few minutes, I couldn’t exactly figure out how I should go about as engaging a headhunter is expensive. Grace never give me a specific direction. I left her office in a state of semi-confusion of what I should do next or should I? I am happy to remain as an angel investor of which this is my objective of why I came into the startup space, alongside with my new involvement in Startup Club. I recalled that over the past months, founders of few startups that I get connected with have asked me if I can help them to look for “CTO, PHP developer, Andriod developer etc”. In all of these encounters, I “shy” away from the topic. “Startup hiring is never easy!” It is going to be a roller-coaster for successful Startup Hire to be in place…

My thoughts process took me 3 days to figure out how and what I should do to contribute to the startup eco-system. Another pull factor come along “Why am I investing into startups when they face challenges in attracting talents to join them so as to scale their business further”. Is a chicken and egg analysis for me. On the 3rd day, I decided to take the plunge and purchase the domain without any planning which is “very me” (I started my headhunting business without one too!). Together with the help of some good friends, the site was ready to go LIVE mid Dec 2012. As I continue typing here and looking back, the idea of Startup Jobs Asia will never exist or at least not from me, if it wasn’t Grace. She has been indeed helpful whom I periodically went back to her to check if there is any “blind spots” of where we are and where we are heading. Till date, we know our aim and what we envision ourselves moving towards. We want to “sexify” jobs @ startups and to grow the human capital eco-system for Startup. In short, we want to be the “voice” for Startup Hire within Asia.

So now you know how Startup Jobs Asia was born! We are looking forward to provide you with much more value-adds! Do stay tuned to our Blog! (Not forgetting, twitter and facebook too!)

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