Startup Jobs Asia Gets Partners In Taiwan

Recently, our partners at StartupJobAsia signed a partnership with The Entrepreneurs Society of Taiwan.

EST was officially launched on January 14 2011,this group started initially trying to encourage entrepreneurship on the campus of National Chengchi University and very soon developed into a group that caters for the need of the English-speaking segment in Taiwan who are interested in entrepreneurship. We see these events as an opportunity to expand our knowledge and continue networking and learning from innovative entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurs Society of Taiwan (EST) is the club in association with NCCU IMBA students & alumni.

We managed to catch up with Ben Chew recently about this deal

What are the responsibilities of the local partners ?
Ben: We have a few parties who are interested to run as our local partners for Startup Jobs Asia. However we have chosen them due to the closest mindset of running Startup Jobs Asia. We wouldn’t say it’s responsibilities for them, but it’s more of a common long-term vision we have as a whole which is to “Sexify” jobs @ Startup within Asia.

What is your hope for this partnership? 
Ben: We have seen more startup activities in Taiwan during this period, and in time to come, there will be even more Entrepreneurs stepping forward in the tech and startup scenes. Taiwan have always been very “hardware” focus, and in the days ahead, we are pretty confident to see more startup business in the web/mobile aspects. We hope that our partner will cover the gap of the “Talent Crunch” with the platform of to attract talents to join Startup.

Where are the other places you are looking for expanssion?
Ben: We have few parties coming from different counties whom they are interested in the strategic partnership with Startup Jobs Asia. Next in line to move in are countries such as Malaysia, Thailand or even Vietnam/Philippines.. However, this is still the early stage as we would like to get partners who have the same long-term vision with us.

What are you impression on Taipei startups?
Ben: If they have been doing well in the “hardware” industry all the while, we are not surprised to see them doing just as well in the web/mobile aspects.

Article first appeared on NextUp Asia.


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