Startup Jobs Asia Collaborates With Kodorra to Upskill Yourself in Startup World

Building a startup or online business can be a long and arduous process, especially for first-time entrepreneurs and teams. More than just strong wills, related skills and knowledge are a must to help ensure that the new business can survive amid intense business competition. In an effort to you hone your business and technical skills without having to spend a lot of money, we are collaborating with Kodorra, an e-learning platform that provides online entrepreneurship courses to help you start and run your online business with minimum cost.

Kodorra is committed to providing hands-on online courses that cover a wide range of topics to upgrade your business and technical skills. The collection of courses are meant to assist those running and working in startups to upskill themselves from bottom to top. It ranges from basic video tutorials such as business name brainstorming techniques to how to raise your next million dollar capital to even building your website within 8 hours with minimum cost.

All courses are presented in an easy to follow structure with a concise video for each lesson just like how you’d attend an online business class. Explanations are conveyed in plain English without the typical jargon-stuffed seminars that you get in the startup world. The true beauty of an elearning platform like Kodorra compared to the rest is each course is taught by fully-experienced instructors who are also entrepreneurs who have been there, done that. You don’t find your typical academic lecturers here. Best of all, their online courses are updated on a weekly basis.

Most courses are taught by Melvin Wong, founder of Kodorra who is a tech entrepreneur for 14 years. With his immense experience and knowledge he gained across while working with clients and partners from 17 countries covering U.S, Europe, Asia and South America, Melvin Wong now wants to help people to learn and apply the skills he gained and even be better than him.

“Back then, there was virtually no funding for early-stage startups in my country. I ran my entire startup all by myself in a small rented room with an initial capital of merely $3,000. With almost zero savings, I survived with a credit card for 6 months. I had to do everything from coding to sales and marketing and even customer support,” said Melvin, who yearn to help others to avoid having to go through the pain he went through.

Anyone who is involved in the startup scene could learn something new from Kodorra’s continuously growing set of courses. For now, it covers a various range of topics including business plan writing, WhatsApp for business, search engine optimization, email marketing, website development, e-commerce and more. In the near future, there shall be tutorials on blockchain and cryptocurrency, ICO (Initial Coin Offering), pitching, storytelling for business, prototyping, press release, intellectual property, chatbots and beyond.

Kodorra currently collaborates with Startup Jobs Asia to provide our community with one-year free access to all of its online courses! When else we find this awesome opportunity to learn how to do your online business at the least cost? Claim your 1-year free access using the code SUJA1YFA at