Startup Bus Asia To bring Singapore Students To Startups And Companies

Ben Chew, the founder of Startup Jobs Asia and Strategia Ventures is organizing Startup Bus Asia, a spin off initiative from Startup Jobs Asia.

Startup Bus Asia is based on a simple idea: as the name suggests, there will be a bus trip featuring visits to startups. The objective is to allow its attendees to better understand how it is like working at a startup. Startup Bus will have its first bus ride in Singapore on the 10th of April and will be hosting students from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). Last year, SUTD organized a similar trip visiting a couple of companies in Singapore. This time around, Startup Bus will feature four companies: PropertyGuru, Brandtology, Dropmysite and Zopim.

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The four companies featured in Startup Bus this time round are quite successful in Singapore. PropertyGuru secured a S$60 million (US$48.3 million) strategic investment from ImmobilienScout24 for further regional expansion in June 2012. Brandtology was acquired by Media Monitors in February 2011. Dropmysite has also raised more than US$1 million in funding from angels, and Zopim is currently serving more than 70,000 businesses worldwide.

Each company visit will last about 30 – 45 minutes, with cofounders of each company to share about their entrepreneurial journey to the SUTD students. On top of that, early employees will also be sharing about their experiences so that students have an idea on how is it like working for a early stage startup.

On the 10th of May, MSc students from the Nanyang Technoprenuership Centre will be taking up a second Startup Bus. Companies for the second Startup Bus are not confirmed yet.

Other than Singapore, Ben Chew told us that Startup Bus will potentially be featuring bus visits in Malaysia and even Thailand.

“The initial idea of Startup Bus come from purely bring students to visit Startups. However as we talk to more people, the idea grow bigger and we have a potential Malaysia partner that will like to take this idea of Startup Bus for a ride within the entire West Malaysia, or even East Malaysia. The possibility of having a ride from SG to KL and then to BKK is still under exploration stage but we see the viability as our preferences of working with partners give us certain visibilities. For the cost and sponsorship part, we have not touch on that yet as we want to kickstart the initial idea first and make sure execution is done right which is more important for us now.”

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