Start Your Day at Work the Right Way with These Habits

In average, people in Asia Pacific spend more than six hours or a quarter of their day at work. Employees are expected to keep their attentiveness on the same level from the start until the end of the day. Starting the day right is important as it could determine your productivity and efficiency level for the rest of the day!

How you start your day will affect moods, set the tone, and eventually determine your accomplishments for the day. Failing to set up good morning habits will lead to an unproductive and chaotic day. People often find themselves in no mood to work for the whole day due to bad morning experiences. If you want to start off your day with something good, here are useful habits you should be practising right away:

A healthy breakfast

People prefer skipping breakfast for various reasons. ‘I do not have time,’ ‘I am on a diet,’ and ‘I have no appetite in the morning’ are among the most common excuses people make to avoid breakfast. While in fact, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People who are used to having breakfast in the morning are less likely to suffer from obesity, have more stable blood sugar level, and certainly, they have more energy to hit the running ground and seize the day. Thus, do not forget to take your breakfast and face the day with better vitality.

Be on time

Showing up late does not only affect your attendance, but also stirs up your mood for the entire day. Things will definitely get worse if you get reprimanded from your superior for arriving late. Nobody wants to have morning lecture from the boss for breakfast, let alone in front of the whole team. Thus, coming early to work will hinder you from any morning ruckus as well as setting better mindset for the day.

Take deep breaths

Upon reaching your work cubicle and settling down, do not directly log into the computer. Pause for the moment to take a deep breath (or a few deep breaths) and let the air fill your lungs. Morning traffic, unsolved problems at home, or long queue on the subway can be very stressful. By taking deep breaths, you can drive away this stress and focus on the job you have to finish at work.

Do simple exercises

Taking some time to do simple exercises like stretching and walking around the office will help loosen tense muscles and improve blood circulation. You will spend hours sitting on your chair so doing such simple actions as and when will be a great way to start your day or before beginning a new task.

Reflect yesterday’s work

Evaluating what you achieved yesterday is necessary as part of self-assessment. So when you have done with a project, you can move on to another with comfort. Leave anything that happened yesterday and start the day with fresh minds.

Map out today’s work

Find out what you need to do with the current projects you are working on. Listing down everything into a to-do list will greatly help you to prioritise something that needs to be taken care first. Focus on what should be accomplished. If it can be done today, do not procrastinate and wait until tomorrow. While you still have abundant stamina in the morning, it is better to finish the most important tasks first before the others.

Spare time for a chitchat

Greeting and having a chitchat with a cup of coffee in hand with your colleagues will definitely help you relax workers before diving into piles of work.

Start practising the above tips and feel the change!