Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make

Social media gave the whole world a voice that connects; like a web, pluck one end and the whole web will know your presence. But to be honest, engaging in social media is not always that easy.

Your relationship with your customers depends on how you handle your online presence. And a wrong move like the ones below will break or make you in social media.

See below social media mistakes businesses make, and what you can do about them:

·  Talking to the wrong audience. In short, your company doesn’t have a clear social media strategy. You just create posts and will talk to anyone who’d react to it. Being on social media requires a plan to enable you to reach your right audience and to be able to say the right things to them.

·  Treating people in social media as just your business continuity plan is tasteless. Do not rush during the initial interaction by blabbing about your products. Establish rapport first, offer help, and then you can show them what you have to sell. Remember, people will only buy if you show something valuable to them.

·  Needless to say, having a social media requires you to interact and be socialSocial media will not help you if you keep using this as a space for spamming company advertisements while customer’s sentiments are getting ignored. Listen to your crowd, know their concerns, respond as fast as you can, and use this as a tool to monitor the level of customer satisfaction your business have.

·  Adding posts infrequently is as good as you don’t exist at all. Don’t be out of sight and keep a regular schedule of posts. Repeat what you posted a few days back as not everyone was able to see that.

·  Deleting negative comments is a no-no. This is your chance to prove your sincerity by responding and providing solutions. Deleting negative comments will only add fuel to the fire. The one who posted a negative feedback will know that he is ignored and would definitely not take that sitting down. With the power social media has given to the consumers, it pays to respond rather than ignore.

·  Using too many hashtags and consuming the whole character limit in a tweet is somewhat annoying and restrictive. You will just distort your message if you include too many hashtags in your tweet. And keeping your tweet long as well won’t give others the chance to retweet you. In short, your tweet becomes a total waste of time and effort.

·  Aiming for more followers but sacrificing the quality of customer service is unjustifiable. You cannot have one without the other. Consumers are now more discerning, and they definitely know what they want. And they’ll also know if your social media presence is just for show if your customer service sucks.

·  Each social media platform has its own unique qualities and personality. Creating similar posts across all your social media profiles isn’t really a good idea.

Have you made a social media mistake in the past? What did you do to correct it?


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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