Shy Entrepreneurs…Here’s Some ‘Weapons’ to Use

When we hear the word entrepreneur, we always picture a very outgoing, friendly, social butterfly and a very bubbly person. We always kind of put entrepreneurs inside a box full of colors, adventures and excitement.

Well, no one can ever blame us. It is expected or anticipated that they are all like that because of some living proofs that those bubbly people get a lot of creative juices and courage to some up with these brilliant ideas.

However, little did we know that there are existing entrepreneurs who prefer to hide inside the closet and just let their innovations be known.

These shy people, or also known as introverts, are just like any other ordinary person. The only difference is that they feel more accomplished or at ease after getting their own “me time”. They like to enjoy silent type of activities such as reading or just chatting over coffee with a friend.

Introvert people mostly have all the time they could get to formulate and think over a lot of things and they give time for their creative juices to ooze out.

Being shy in the entrepreneur world has its own advantages and disadvantages. One for example of an advantage is that they do not over-talk or over-share their ideas to others that might lead to idea theft. On the other hand, the disadvantage of being shy is that that individual might not be able to introduce his product to many people as how it is needed to be.

To prevent this from happening and keeping oneself in the middle of being an introvert and an extrovert entrepreneur, here are some tips you might want to consider:


1) Less talk, just show it. If you are one of those shy people, we can assume that you do have a stage fright even if you are just presenting to a small bunch of people. You don’t have to take a risk in explaining or talking a lot. You might want to consider showing clients what you can do and what your business does rather than telling them a lot. Remember, wrong choice of words might lead to devastation.


2) Prepare. Just do it like the old times. Index cards and practicing a speech in front of a mirror can help you a lot.


3) Hire wisely. Choose people whom you can say are reliable to the part where you do not excel. Screen and be wise when hiring your marketing team.


4) Use technology. If you can do it personally, you can conduct meetings using the social media platforms that cater group calls. You might find this comfortable than meeting in person.


5) Show passion. Share some secrets on how you started your business. Make sure to be honest and true as your eyes can definitely tell your colleagues. Your passion will set you apart from others and might inspire them.


6) Go out of your comfort zone. Try to extend your network by attending summits and introduce yourself and what you do to others. You might get a lot of offers in the future!


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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