Saying I Do – What Works

Just like in ‘love department’, we want to find ‘the one’ to be our co-founder(s).  “Saying I Do” in the startup way means you could ‘marry’ someone with complementary skills and personality. Are you looking for your startup mate now?

Here are the things that works:

  1. Explore your weakness

As much as perfect you are, there are a few things you’re bad at. For example, you are a talented programmer who can practically make everything is possible with the latest technology. However, you could be pretty bad at doing something else. Say, running a business. You might also not a good public speaker.

Go find a business guy who are known as a charming public speaker. Be honest with yourself. Find your weakness, in order to find someone who is able to cover your flaws.

  1. Networking with people who have complementary skillset

Let’s continue the example. As a tech savvy, your circle is also surrounded by programmers and developers. You don’t know any business guy who might be capable to be your co-founder. Don’t just sit down and waiting for a miracle!

Try to attend some events with the related topics for your next co-founder. Ask your friends and acquaintances to introduce you with someone who have complementary skillset that cover your weakness.

If you’re lucky, you can meet ‘the one’ right away. However, most of the time, things are not going as smooth as you wish. You need to meet several people (and possibly the wrong people) before you finally meet the ultimate co-founder.

  1. Compatibility, chemistry as the key

Funny thing is, companies can last longer than marriages. Make sure the co-founder(s) can get along so well with you. Try each other out by working together on projects and day-to-day tasks. The most important attribute is compatibility.

Moreover, the relationship with the co-founder doesn’t only focus on work. The chemistry and interest are best explored outside the office too. If both of you have the same hobbies or sports, things will get much easier. Remember, business partnership is not only one or two days. Consider it as a long-term relationship.

  1. If everything goes well, negotiate early

Both of you are perfect for each other. Complementary skillset, check. Compatibility and chemistry, check. Together, both of you are ready to run the startup for the success. You both want to “Saying I Do”. But, let’s take a break.

Everything might feels good today, but there are always potential conflicts in the future. Only one person is able to make the final decision on hard issues. The startup needs to decide the ‘head of the family’. There can be only one Chief Executive Officer! Negotiate it early. Get all the things clear right in the beginning of the ‘marriage’.


Great team could only breeds success. Are you ready for “Saying I Do” the startup way?


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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