Rising Startups in Malaysia to look out for in your next job move – Part 3

‘Ideas are commodity. Execution of them is not.’ (Michael Dell)

Graduated from college with a freshly-printed diploma on your hand, you are ready use the knowledge gained at school to real-life work environment. Only then you realise the real dilemma: which company should I go?

True, working in corporate companies might provide you better salary and benefits, not to mention the gratifying feeling when you tell your family and alma mater. However, is financial security everything that you are seeking after? If you are shaking your head, let us tell you a better alternative: startups.

For the young-spirited youths who seek beyond financial security and reputation, startups will be the perfect place for you to turn ideas into real innovation. Home to aspiring and creative youths, startups will welcome you who want to be part of the world’s game changer. Despite all the challenges, the roller-coaster experience in startups will effectively get you off the ground.

Previously we published part 1 and part 2 articles on rising Startups with promising futures. The best news is, we have 3 more Startups that you should put on your list! Here are the next Startups in Malaysia you should look out in your next job move:



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Founder’s Story

Have you ever felt perplexed from the fact that you cannot get satisfying answers to your questions? Either the source is unreliable or the information is incomplete, you cannot always believe every single thing everyone says on the internet. However, be rest assured! Fong Kam Ling, the founder of PopDQ, definitely has the solution for you.

As an experienced entrepreneur who has launched multiple tech products successfully, Fong Kang Lim is inspired to create a startup that comes as an answer for the prayers of people with high curiosity like you. Available for download on iOS App Store and Google Play Store, PopDQ is a platform where you can ask any questions that pops into your mind and have over 100+ celebrities and experts, ready to share their knowledge with you!

Whether is it medical, legal, investment, Fengshui, marriage, cooking, beauty, or fashion issues, the panel of experts will happily share their knowledge and idea with you. Meanwhile, you can also give contribution by sharing your own expertise to help others as well. What makes it even cooler, you get rewarded with cash from it! What do you have in mind right now?

Startup Culture

If you are aspired to work in a fast-paced company with a steep learning curve, PopDQ should be on your next job search list. While you have to go through many changes and challenges, fun and comfort is all guaranteed. Supported by great teamwork within all departments in the company, you will find that one month working in PopDQ is equivalent to one year worth of knowledge. Where else can you find company like this?

Aiming to provide ‘more than just a work place’, PopDQ ensures the employees get the right training to perform to their maximum potential at their job. They value the talents and always make sure the team grows not just with the company but gained individual growth too. So get yourself prepared!


Why You Should Join

·         If you are tired of unhealthy competition among co-workers, being part of PopDQ will bring you the true meaning of working like a family. Time to say goodbye to the drama!

·         With a mission to build a knowledge-sharing community by empowering experts to share their knowledge, the best reward you can get is satisfaction as your job has helped many puzzled minds.




Founder’s Story

In 2015, Althea was founded by beauty and e-commerce veterans with wide range experience including Groupon, Lotte, Melaleuca, Memebox, and TMON. Despite the increasing fame of Korean beauty items, Althea’s founders see that there was no one-stop shopping destination where people can purchase and enjoy Korean beauty products with reasonable price in SEA.

Althea’s magical slogan is ‘Beauty meets Korea.’ Simple yet powerful, the slogan represents Althea’s vision to bring and deliver Korean beauty to the world. The company innovates to connect Korean beauty suppliers directly to the customers at the lowest prices.

The number one digital destination for all things K-beauty from shopping, lifestyle, to trends, Althea will satisfy your passion for all beauty products.  Whether you are aspiring beauty blogger or a professional career woman, Althea is undeniably a heaven on earth for you!

Startup Culture

With almost non-existent work hierarchy, Althea enlivens flat organisation where team members are given responsibility and ownership over their work. Everyone should feel free to express their own thoughts and give feedback to others too.

Althea is suitable for those who prefer working in smaller but young, dynamic, and diverse team. Expand your cultural knowledge as you are required to work with co-workers from 5 different countries.


Why You Should Join

If you are a beauty enthusiast who want to make career out of it, join Althea at once! Not only do you get a chance to be around your favourite beauty products every day, you also play a key role in one of the fastest growing vertical e-commerce companies in one of the hottest growing categories.

Latest News

Althea was featured in Forbes as the largest Korean Beauty website in SEA. Check out the full publication here.



Founder’s Story

Founded by two aspiring leaders, Lennise and Aizat, Dropee is Asia’s first online drop-shipping marketplace. Before Dropee, Lennise has begun her entrepreneurship journey at very young age. At the age of 19, she stepped her early career movement by opening a talent management company. Since then, Lennise has spread her wings in developing women entrepreneurship in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Aizat is a veteran in doing investments. Previously, he worked at ANZ Bank and ANZ Innovyz, Founding Partner of Infinite Ventures, as well as the former COO of Startup Street.

As a B2B product sourcing platform that connects brand owners and online retailers, Dropee is currently working with quality brands such as Anakku, Daim, Redbull, JBL and many others. Passionate and focus on making commerce better for everyone, Dropee’s mission is to help connect the right suppliers to the right retailers, so they can sell more of the right products to the right people. Through this method, retailers can source high quality products at the cheapest and fastest way.

Startup Culture

Dropee is place where fun is cultivated along with fast-paced environment. Encouraging the team to knowledge-share between one another every Friday where everyone is given the opportunity to share anything. If you are self-driven talent who wants make an impact within the e-commerce industry, make sure that you have updated your latest CV!


Why You Should Join

·         Contribute to the growing e-commerce ecosystem, as Dropee works with many types of e-commerce players – from online retailers to government bodies.

·         If you have always been keeping an eye on e-commerce and desired to be part of it, Dropee will be more than happy to have you onboard!

Latest News

Dropee just had their soft launch recently as well as started to ramp things up in regards to marketing and community building.

In conclusion, working at startups could be life-changing for you. Not only do they offer a fun and flexible work environment, startups equip you with valuable experiences and knowledge, growing both your soft and hard skills. At the same time, boosting your sense of responsibility and creativity.

Are you ready to take up the challenge?

(Do note that there is no order in merit for Startups that are being featured in this article.)