Rising Startups in Malaysia to look out for in your next job move – Part 2

‘You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.’ (John Lennon)

Working at startups surely does come with plenty of perks you can only imagine at corporates. A flexible, fun, and challenging work environment where you can wear sandals and T-shirts every day. And do you know the best part? Beyond all of those impressive advantages, here’s the bigger catch: the opportunity to be part of ‘the next big thing.’

If you are an aspiring unicorn who want to level up your career while earning new skills along the way, you can consider joining startups. Most of them are currently flying under the radar, but with strong determination and hard work, it is only a matter of time that these startups will shine. Not only being an integral part of their success, joining newly-born startups give you privilege status of being there far before the company getting their big name.

Sounds exciting to you? We bet the answer is a big ‘YES’.

Previously we featured an article on 4 rising Startups with awesome stories and cultures. Well, here are the next 4 Startups in Malaysia you should look out in your next job move:



Founder’s Story

Webuildeasy’s founders believe that home design need not be an intimidating and time-consuming affair. Seeking to transform home design industry by making it more convenient to renovate and remodel your place, Webuildeasy makes outfitting property as simple as shopping online.

Sit back and relax as Webuildeasy team of expert consultants take over everything. No more hassle of dealing with contractors and interior designers!

Startup Culture

Webuildeasy’s culture is designed as ‘book of life‘. Results are more important than the number of hours put in. With such principle in mind, Webuildeasy employees are allowed to come and leave as they please. While the unofficial working hour is 10am-7pm, they can flexibly arrange their own working hours as long as targets are met. Win-win solution for both!

They believe that life is a non-stop journey. ‘Kaizen’, a Japanese term for the practice of continuous development, is their motto that encourages team members to always seek for progression. How far you can run, fighters?

However, understanding that fulfilling work demand is never ending anyway. That is why, team members should balance it with work hard and play harder. Doesn’t that sound like a good deal to you?


Cool Perks

•    Free flow of food & drinks. Need to munch something while working? No worries.

•    Red bull with espresso machine available 24/7. Stay alert all the time!

•    Sleeping pod to catch power naps. So you thought only kids should have a nap? Unfortunately, no. Adults need taking nap, even more than kids.

•    PlayStation area and VR games. Catch a break amidst the tight schedule playing your favourite games.




Founder’s Story

With only RM 5000, Sherlyn Tan turned her fiery dream to create her own fashion brand into reality. Supported by solid hard work and strong determination, in 2013 Twenty3 was born. Since then, Twenty3 has grown rapidly to become one of the largest online women fashion stores in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s fastest-growing fashion brand for women, Twenty3 is web and mobile platform that allows users to browse and shop edgy fashion trends. Fashion lovers will definitely enjoy surfing the websites, as it provides wide-range of fashion choices, from dresses, tops, outers, to jumpsuits. Need couple of gowns for bridesmaids? Or sport wear for your healthy lifestyle? All you can find in just few clicks.

For her dedication, Sherlyn was awarded Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin Entrepreneurship Award at the Alliance Bank SME Innovation Challenge 2015, and was recognised as one of L’Oreal’s Women of Worth 2016. The achievement does not stop here. Sherlyn has shared her knowledge and years of experience at entrepreneurship events alongside peers from Alibaba, Google, and the BIG Group. Sherlyn is also a strong proponent for fitness, and has been featured in Tatler and Shape magazines for her fitness journey.

Startup Culture

“The Beauty in Perseverance.” This motto represents Twenty3’s vision to encourage everyone to never limit themselves. Setting out a tight-knit family environment, Twenty3 invites team member to fight together, fall together, and eventually eat ice-cream together.twenty31.png

Why You Should Join

•    If you love fashion, Twenty3 will bring you the excitement of enlivening your passion while learning more about retail, marketing, and design.

•    Get real experience of working with influential fashion bloggers, celebrities, and brands.

•    Rise to the top by joining management trainee program even while you are still in college!

Latest News

Recognised as one of the top fashion e-commerce stores in the country by eCommerceMilo, Twenty3 embarked on a bold offline expansion by opening 5 retail stores across Malaysia in 2016. Aiming to go global in 2017, Twenty3 has set foot in KL Fashion Week showcase twice.

Cool Perks

•    Movie night and karaoke session after work. Release your stress from having a busy day! All paid by company, as long as tasks are completed.

•    Ice cream break. Cooling down your mind after frenzied day by nipping off for ice cream break with your colleagues will be a cool escape!


Founder’s Story

Omnimatics’ founder, Raj Kissu Rajandran is passionate and dedicated in whatever he pursues, including when he decided to build his own startup in March 2015. Encountering software industry since 2006, Raj has been moulded by time with wide-range experience working with startups in various fields of discipline.

What would you do when you face an unfortunate event and survive from it? Well, probably building your own startup is not one of it. But Raj is exceptional. Raj’s close brush with death has opened his eyes about the importance of well-built in-car security system. The experience inspires him to build a platform that helps people for safety driving that then leads to the birth of Omnimatics and its flagship product, CARdio®.

Omnimatics envisions to create safer and personalised driving experience for smart cities in Malaysia and beyond. Focusing on automotive telematics, Omnimatics strive to build products and services of the highest quality and performance. Works with desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones and available in most cars, CARdio ensures you to get more convenient and smarter driving experience.


Startup Culture

For Omnimatics, the key to any successful relationship is two-way commitment. With high expectations, come high rewards as well. Show your best performance and Omnimatics will reward accordingly. During difficult times, the team will stand and weather the storm together. And when the storm passes by, there will times of joy and relaxation.

Always seek to constantly moving on, Omnimatics encourage team members to always get on their feet. Implementing flat work hierarchy, Omninatiscs allows everyone to communicate and contribute more transparently and openly. Raise your hand and let your voice be heard!

Latest News

Omnimatics was recently acquired by APM, a public-listed company that is part of Tan Chong Motor Holdings, one of the largest national conglomerates in Malaysia. The acquisition was made as part of their entry into the automotive IoT market.

Why You Should Join

•    Competitive salary and good benefits. Great combination to appreciate your great talents!

•    Flexible work hours. Manage your own working hours with option to remote working. Say goodbye to morning traffic jam!

•    Work on cool and exciting projects. Bring your skills to whole new level and create both software and hardware to innovate the automotive industry.



Founder’s Story

Iprice is founded by two people sharing the same dream, David Chmelar and Heinrich Wendel. Carrying a mission to create the most delightful and comprehensive online shopping experience in SouthEast Asia, they gather a team of young individuals and build the master plan. Thanks to the collaboration of tech geeks, marketers and entrepreneurs, Iprice was born.

Now available in seven countries in SEA, the platform brings you the widest selection of products across all categories, from the tips of your finger.  Whether you are looking for a blue dress, 17cm high heels, a solid backpack, or a new iPhone, you can find everything in Iprice.

Startup Culture

If you seek to work in fun and flexible working environment, Iprice will be a great place for you to stay. Take a sneak peek inside their office and the fun atmosphere on the latest corporate video. Did you know that work can be so much fun, too?


Why You Should Join

•    Experience culturally-rich work environment with more than 25 nationalities in Kuala Lumpur headquarter. You don’t have to go far to see the world, it is all within the office!

•    Opportunity to grow long term in a highly ambitious and VC backed company, which just close its SERIES A.

•    Be a part of a hyper fast growing organisation (5x growth in the past 12 months). Feel all hyped yet?

Latest News

Iprice just announced their recent SERIES A investment less than 1 month ago.

Cool Perks

•    Work permit sponsorship for expatriates. Yearning to live in Malaysia and feel the authentic experience of Truly Asia? All settled!

•    Fun Friday. It really is TGIF, after all. Iprice gives the team a sanctioned way to let loose and hang out, brings employees together with free flow of snacks and drinks.

•    Very competitive salary. Good compensation for your great work!

Inspired to join these young-spirited startups?

Working in a startup environment encourages you to go beyond the boundaries, let out all your creative ideas, and unravel amazing skills you never knew you had. If you want to be part of ever-growing industry without losing the joy of playing at work, the startup game can take to wherever you want to go!

Wait, it is not all! Stay tuned to Part 3 with more wonderful stories to come!

(Do note that there is no order in merit for Startups that are being featured in this article.)