Rising Startups in Malaysia to look out for in your next job move – Part 1

‘Startup is the new guitar. Every college kid wants one.’ (Arunabh Kumar)

Admit it. You want one, too. Not only college students, startups has been catching the eyes of aspiring entrepreneurs and talents across the world. For the founders, startups provide a ‘playground’ for them to develop their gripping ideas to make an impact to the society. Offering the convenience of working more flexibly without being bounded to a dull and tedious routine, startups are getting increasingly popular among millennials, including in Malaysia.

One of the most striking difference between working at startups and corporates is the company culture. It is no secret that most corporates require strict working hours with rigid rules, while startups are widely-known for their fun and stretchy workspace. Rather than keeping employees confined in their cubicles, startup founders believe that talents will shine more when they are given a free rein to excel in their own way. Doesn’t that sound engaging to you?

With the rapid expansion of startups in the country, here are the first 4 rising startups you should watch out for if you are looking for your next dream job!



Founder’s Story

GetDoc is founded by Jerry Hang, a sales expert who believes that everyone deserves a better healthcare experience. Envisioned to redefine and revolutionise the existing healthcare ecosystem in Malaysia, Jerry slowly ventured into healthcare industry.

He realises that in this ever-growing global world, it becomes more difficult to achieve a healthy lifestyle amidst a busy working life. When people falls ill, sometimes it is difficult to acquire the healthcare they need in simple and easy way. With such idea on mind, GetDoc was born.

GetDoc is a mobile platform that connects patients to doctors in easier and faster way through web and mobile application. As people nowadays invest little time to go to the doctor, GetDoc will help bringing the doctor to them, all from their fingertips.

Available in Malaysia and Singapore, GetDoc enables you to find doctors and clinics nearby and book an appointment on the go. You can manage appointment with doctor and change the date or time with just a few clicks. Can it get even cooler? Yes! GetDoc allows you to search doctors according to your insurance coverage that is compliant with the clinic or hospital.

Simple, easy, and not costly, what else you can expect from GetDoc?

Startup Culture

If you want a great place to share your awesome and innovative ideas, GetDoc should be your next stop. GetDoc believes that every opinion matters, regardless of position and experience. Implementing flat work hierarchy, each team member is encouraged to speak out their mind and keep the conversation flow going.

To improve personal growth and development, GetDoc will help each team member to acquire new skills. You want to learn deeper about coding and programming? Approved! GetDoc will provide you with essential training, class, or cash fund for that.

Afraid of unhealthy co-worker competition? Be rest assured! GetDoc functions just like a family. To achieve healthy work-life balance, they initiates regular team activities, such as weekly badminton, after-work gym, and bi-weekly potluck session. When tight deadlines are met, the team get to go on a trip together!


Why You Should Join GetDoc

Working in a startup is challenging (that is for sure), but it will bring more excitement as well! GetDoc employees do not only get to contribute, but also explore their fullest potential to reach greater heights.

If you love challenges and yearn for new experiences, GetDoc will dare you to learn new skillsets and take on new projects. With direct supervision from the founders, immerse yourself in a genuine startup culture that always drives you to give your best shot.

Cool Perks

·         Birthday leave. Give yourself a break on your special day!

·         Medical benefits. Obviously. It’s a healthcare platform, right?

·         Inspiring talk shows. Be inspired from other entrepreneurs.

·         Team building activities. Did someone say ‘vacation’?

·         Cozy work environment. It’s your playground! (just remember not to disturb others!)

·         Free flow of coffee, biscuits and noodles. To fill up your ravening stomach anytime!



Founder’s Story

Aaron Sarma, the founder and CEO of Touristly, definitely loves traveling and helping people at the same time. As he witnessed the complicated and strenuous process of booking flights and hotels, Aaron decided to set up a platform that simplifies the process.

Touristly is a venture-backed startup with funding from Netrove Ventures Group and Tune Labs. The organisation has been working closely with world-level serving companies which are no stranger to travellers, such as AirAsia, Rokki, AirAsia BIG, and Tune Hotels.

Bringing an easy and fun traveling experience to users for an unforgettable holiday. With Touristly, you can create and book your own travel itinerary with the best local activities around Asia-Pacific. While you plan the next trip, discover thousands of recommended restaurants, spas, tours and attractions.

Are you planning to travel around Asia this year? Make sure to check out Touristly first!

Startup Culture

Team culture and camaraderie are the main priorities in Touristly. Having faith in the power of transparency and honesty, they believe that there is no such thing like trashy opinions. Open communication with non-existent hierarchy encourages team members to take ownership and be independent. Challenges are something highly-valued in the organisation, so be prepared!


Why You Should Join

Ever wanted a company that allows you to travel for work? Touristly will be the perfect answer! Explore new cool stuffs to do around the world to enhance travelers’ experiences.

With a productive and open working environment, Touristly guarantees to reward every initiative and positive energy.

Not a morning person? That’s cool too! Touristly is open to remote working and flexible office hours. As a matter of fact, their V1 was deployed while the CTO was in Bali for a month and their Social Media Manager was in Barcelona for a few weeks. So, where do you picture yourself?

Latest News

Recently, Touristly was granted two awards at Cradle’s Coach and Grow Programme. One of them was “Best Team” award for the company’s excellent team growth.

Cool Perks

·         Well-stocked pantry with everything, literally. From freshly baked cookies to chocolates, and fruit. If you are coffee addicts, regular trips to nearby 3rd wave coffee outlets will absolutely please your craving for good coffee.

·         Monthly team outings. Team bonding is everything. From Karaoke to Krav Maga to Archery Tag, Touristly is ready to cover them up!

Take a look at their recent outing! Archery Tag! How fun can it get further?!




Founder’s Story

Shoppr co-founder, Sylvia Yin, is an avid online shopping lover. As a student, she spends most of her time devouring fashion. Until someday, she falls for a super cute pair of skinny jeans on Instagram. After investing hours for hunting for the similar jeans across the net, Sylvia comes to realisation that it is (almost) impossible to get a similar pair.

Coming from such experience, on September 2014, Sylvia, alongside co-founders Kendrick and Nikolai, teamed up to save other online-shoppers from further heartbreaks and frustrations. They work together upon creating a shopping platform that would simplify the process to search for and purchase fashion and beauty items from brands around the world. The magical collaboration has successfully led to the birth of Shoppr.

Shoppr is a fashion mobile discovery platform that allows you to explore and shop similar items from fashion trendsetters. First coming out as an online store aggregator app that gives the users clothing recommendations, now Shoppr not only enables you to browse and shop branded fashion items, but also shares inspirations from fashionista’s latest trend styles around the world.

Startup Culture

With an open and communicative environment that enables feedback and open conversation between team members. Shoppr team members can freely express any thoughts (even the wildest ones) that will reform the online shopping experience.

Believing in personal growth, Shoppr guarantees that everyone within the organisation gets their own educational fund for individual development. Whether it be books or online courses, go for it!

Meanwhile, politics at work are strongly discouraged. Everyone should work out any issues together and support each other.


Latest News

Shoppr co-founder, Sylvia Yin has been featured in Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30 in 2016 along with other publication in Oriental Daily News in early 2017 and HSBC Female Entrepreneur Asia in November 2016. Shoppr has also been featured multiple times (207 times with 2 on the Home) in the AppStore.

Why You Should Join

·         Learn and work with the creator of Malaysia’s Python group (Shoppr’s CTO)

·         Learn and work with ex-CERN nuclear physics scientist (Shoppr’s Data Scientist)

·         Take part of one of the fastest growing sectors in SEA – Mobile commerce

·         The excitement of being around clothes all day!

·         Flexible working hours too!




Founder’s Story
Easyparcel’s founder, Clarence Leong, started his entrepreneurial journey with Daily Deals business (Groupon alike) and EziVoucher. Along the way, he began to understand that e-Commerce works hand in hand with courier partners.

Spotting another golden opportunity, he started EasyParcel, a web-based parcel consolidator and e-Commerce shipping solutions provider. Simply, the platform provides easy-access solutions for delivery service bookings. Operating since in 2014, the company now serves over 97,000 SMEs across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Startup Culture

Average age of the ‘PINK’ team is 23 years old. If you dream of joining a young-spirited team run by energetic youngsters, Easyparcel is the place. Just imagine how it feels when your “eldest” employee in the company is 36-year-old while youngest is only 18!

Monthly visit to Penang. New international employees will be granted a one-month “holiday” in the Penang headquarters learning the authentic company culture and bring them back to their country. Working while traveling is no longer a remote idea!

Challenges and changes are friends. The business world is always changing and so does the Easyparcel team. The team is open to any necessary changes such as team move around (team structure), process flow, changes on internal system (software) as long it is beneficial to the team, customer and company.

Everyone is the boss. With flat company structure, there is no hierarchy in the team where everyone works as team mate. The team manages themselves instead of managed by CEO or managers. Easyparcel is perfect for people with self-driven personalities who take pride in taking ownership over their works.


Why You Should Join

•    Conventional working environment no longer works in this era. Have fun working in an environment with no strict hierarchy and unleash your talent with no restriction.
•    If you are an individual that prefers young and energetic working environment, then EasyParcel is where you should be.
•    Feel free to express your own idea and climb up to the top career.

Latest News

Within short time, Easyparcel was awarded 6 prestigious national and international award within the last 12 months. These awards are valuable tokens to appreciate the team’s hard work to give their best efforts. Check out the awards listed below:

2017 – Merit for SOBA (Star Outstanding Business Award)
2017 – Significant Regional Impact Award by Cradle Coach & Grow
2016 – Merit for APICTA South East Asia
2016 – Winner for Best Startup APICTA award, Malaysia
2016 – Top 10 JCI CYEA (Creative Young Entrepreneur award)
2016 – People’s Choice Award by BOSS Award

Impressive? No. It is beyond awesome!

Cool Perks

•    Casual but professional. No more agonising over what to wear in the morning. Just grab anything casual and comfy. Friday is “SHORTY” day where team members wear shorts and slippers to work. Well, FriYay!

•    Flexibility. While you do not have to come early in the morning, just make sure that you show up before 10 am. The working structure is flexible as well as anyone can freely carry out new campaign or task as long it is beneficial to the company.

What comes to your mind after reading these four rising Malaysian startups? Amazed? Interested? Cannot wait to join the team? Or, you have already sent them your resume?

Hopefully, this piece brings you a better picture of how it looks like working in dynamic and fast-paced startups. If you seek to enhance your skills while having fun at work, you should look out for startups in your next job move.

Stay tuned to Part 2 on this coming Friday!

(Do note that there is no order in merit for Startups that are being featured in this article.)