Reinvent Your Startup: Unconventional Ways to Build a Successful Team

The first thing you have to do when setting up a startup is to recruit people who share the same passion and value as you. To achieve your business goals, you should gather potential individuals in their respective fields to work together in a team. As the saying goes, “United we stand, divided we fall.” If they can deliver excellent results independently, there are better possibilities that they can bring significant change when working in a group, right?

The truth is, it does not necessarily work that way. Gathering the best talents alone does not guarantee the success of a team. The problem lies in the fact that a single high-achiever is not always able to work equally well when they are required to work together in a group. So the question is, how can you help them to engage with each other and strengthen their teamwork?

All leaders would believe that more than mere abundant financial resources or great business ideas, a startup’s victory is the result of hard-work from the people working behind the scenes. A solid team is essential to a successful business. However, given that everyone possesses different characters that often crashes with each other, forming a strong team can be a challenge for a leader.

There are several methods to foster a sense of togetherness among team members and build a teamwork culture, among them is by holding a team building. However, it should be noted that despite organising an impactful and valuable team building for your employees, it is crucial to ensure that such exercises remain interesting and not boring. Here are some unconventional ideas for team building that will help you create a successful team:

  1. Paintball

Paintball is the perfect activity for corporate team-building events. This exercise is a useful method to enhance teamwork, improve communication and relationships between the team members, hone leadership skill, as well as relieve stress. The employees will be separated into several smaller teams and sent to go into live combat equipped with paintball gun as the weapon. Each person is required to work together as a team to make the right strategy to win the game, and thus boost competitiveness among colleagues.

  1. Voluntary work

Encouraging your employees to join a voluntary work is a great way to bring a sense of togetherness within the team. Volunteering does not only boost employee’s morale, but also bring impact to wider society. You can initiate fun and easy-to-do voluntary or charity works that require team members to collaborate together, such as serving free food for the homeless at the park, visiting and donating books to an orphanage, or participating in seashore clean-up volunteer activity.

  1. Campfire stories

This classical activity has been proven to dig up inspiring stories and improves team bonding. During a team building event, ask the team to gather in circle and invite them to share their workplace-related experiences. Through this practice, employees will learn new things about each other.

  1. Viral team challenge

Couple years ago, Mannequin Challenge became a global phenomenon. This game challenges team members to remain frozen in particular action like mannequins while a moving camera films them. Doing a flash mob or Ice Bucket Challenge is an innovative and efficient team-building event.  Invite and involve everyone in the team join fun and harmless viral team challenge. Such activity is not only fun to do, but also worthwhile to refresh their mind from work-related stress.

  1. Employee awards

Acknowledging both individual and team achievements is crucial to keep high employee morale. Employee awards is a good way where you can appreciate and recognise your employee’s hardwork while motivating better teamwork and employee engagement.

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