Reasons Why Startup People Love Coworking Space

Coworking space might be the favourite place for startup founders and workers nowadays. Even though they can work anywhere: home, office, cafe, you name it!

Coworking space is special. Why? For startup founders, renting an office is quite expensive (moreover to buy one). They need to find an office with reasonable pricing and cozy enough.

Meanwhile, startup workers and freelancers sometimes don’t have a comfortable place to work. If they’re going to a cafe everyday, they’re not going to have any savings either.

Coworking space appears to be a brilliant solution for startup founders and workers. Here are the reasons on why they love coworking space so much:

  1. Fewer money spent

This is the most obvious reason. Some coworking spaces offer affordable prices for memberships. While some others are even free, built by giant companies or other startup initiatives. All startup founders and workers can save their money and focus on making big things rather than worrying about money loss.

  1. Many cool events

People love to use coworking spaces e as an event space. No wonder, everyday is event day in some coworking places. Idea pitchings, workshops, government presentations, competitions, sharing sessions, and so on. Any startup founders and workers can easily join the interesting events. It’s sometimes free too. You can improve your skills and insights.

  1. More friends and acquaintances

Coworking space is huge in the startup world. In this space, startup founders and their team can meet other people from other industries who may be able to collaborate someday. Networking without even trying is happening daily in a coworking space. Possibly, you can make good friends and acquaintances too.

  1. Possible collaborations

After making some friends in a coworking space, startup founders now can make their startup even better. When you meet another person (practically everyday) who doesn’t work with you, ideas are flowing. Both parties could make something bigger with their own expertise. The world is waiting for the next innovation, and it can be started from two people who meet at a coworking space.

  1. Know your competitors

When you work alone or only at the real office, you really don’t know the world out there. Coworking space will change your perspective. You’ll know startups with similar idea, or other people with same skills. Their presence will make you realise that you’re not the only one (with the idea and the skill). It will push you to produce something better, and improve your skills.


Now, where’s your favourite coworking space? If you haven’t gone to a coworking space after a long time, why not make a trip down in the near future?

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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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