Quit Your Job And Be An Entrepreneur

Some people are not meant to play the limited role of an employee, which triggers a desire to shift gears and turn towards entrepreneurship. Venturing into entrepreneurship is, however, a journey towards discovery with a lot of challenges. But once the influx of reward comes in, all the hard work is extremely worth it in the end.

This is why many are lured to the promise of entrepreneurship. They see it as a path to riches. The desire to become the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg is so alluring that we all dream of striking it big someday. Well let’s face it, who doesn’t dream of becoming a billionaire?

However, before you hand over your resignation and quit your job, or possibly jump over the edge screaming, “Yes towards a paradigm shift!” I think you ought to consider first the following points to prevent hurting yourself in the entrepreneurial territory.

First, do not assume that entrepreneurship is easy. You are wrong by saying that entrepreneurial success happens overnight. There’s this famous startup quote which says, ““Timing, perseverance, and TEN years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” This truism holds true.

Second, always remember that becoming an entrepreneur means having the mental capability of a winner. It means getting caught up in an endless goose chase until your product gets noticed in the market. When you become an entrepreneur, you don’t expect customers to go crazy about your products or services straightaway. They might even reject it outright for seemingly no reason at all. Being able to handle that gracefully and continuing to try again until you get what your customers want right will be the key to your success.

Third, being an entrepreneur means hardcore perseverance and working extended hours than what a normal employee usually does. Don’t expect work for the day will end at 5 o’clock. In fact, work really never ends when you become an entrepreneur.

Fourth, it means depending on what you currently have, and making the most out of it to jumpstart your career. Like I said, entrepreneurship is one journey filled with lots of challenges.

Try to look for these qualities inside you. Do you have a mind that thinks out of the box? Do you often get remarks from friends that you are too hard of a critic to yourself? Are you motivated, confident, positive, and able to dust off failures and come out even stronger? If you do, then you can do great things as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is not a way out from the 9 to 5 grind. If you think that way, you have it all wrong. Thus, entrepreneurship may not really be for you.

However, if you have a passion for building things from the ground up, if you find so much happiness in seeing small things grow – then, have a hard look at becoming an entrepreneur and think hard if it’s really what you wanted to do.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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