Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Make That Career Switch

Nobody knows who you are better than you. Currently, you know that your dream awaits at the back of that door. But for now, you just thought and resorted to work in a corporate world as your stepping stone towards it. But then reality bites hard, and whenever you feel edgy with your monotonous life as an employee, you can tell that your pay check is not the answer to your happiness anymore. You better think now, decide and start to renovate your life.

A complete shift in your career is not a joke; it will take a high toll on you, especially when dealing with two different environments like from a corporate world to making your own startup company. To aid with your desire in changing your course in life for something better (or something refreshing and different), you may answer the following questions and see what answers you can find within you.

Am I prepared to reset?

Considering the people who will be affected other than you is a big factor when changing your career path. This is the case especially for those who are already married, or when you are the source of the family income. Changing careers is a big decision to make. It is a big risk as you might bring your family to the possibility of losing the financial security blanket of having a job that already pays all the bills.

Which is more important ‐ me moving or me not moving?

Often, we feel the common employee woes of feeling overworked, underpaid, stagnant and unappreciated. These are the factors that can eventually crush our hearts and break our spirit down under. Assessing your level of tolerance to such conditions can bring you closer to an answer, a decision of either moving out or staying in for awhile.

How much is your dream salary?

For most individuals, we often aim for the highest bidder. But before you move on to the next best thing, it’s always vital to make a plan B, to secure the path you will be taking as you switch roads. It’s wise to first save an emergency fund that is equivalent to at least six months of your current monthly pay check before calling it quits with your job. You do not want to find yourself broke and have nothing to feed those hungry mouths dependent on you if the new career path has given you no luck.

Is this for my growth?

Always aim for more learning and personal growth. Do not let yourself decay in the dark side of the room just for the reason that you think it is all enough. You know you can do better. You know your potential; don’t pull yourself away from reaching its peak.

More often than not, we move to gain a sense of wellbeing when we are working for something we really love doing. All it takes are small baby steps, and a strong, determined heart to capture your dreams.


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