Psychology Today: Do Introverts Have a Chance to Build a Business?

What comes to your mind when hearing the word ‘introvert’? Chances are, you will think about silent, shy, and awkward individual who prefers to spend time alone instead of socialising with others. While extroverts tend to be liked and popular among others, it might seem that introverts are ignored or even underestimated in social situation because of their reserved nature. Owing to this reason, many believe that extroverts are more suitable as leaders and thus projected to be more successful in life than introverts.

So, is it really unfavourable to be an introvert? Is there no way for introverted individual to climb onto the leadership role?  

Susan Cain, in her TedTalk, delivered three points regarding introverts and leadership. First, introverts are ignored for leadership-type roles, despite introverts tending to be very careful and less likely to take on ‘outsized risks’. Second, introverted leaders often deliver better outcomes than extroverts because they are less likely to impose ideas onto their employees and more likely to encourage them to ‘run with their ideas’. Third, introverts and extroverts are both can bring unique ideas to the table, there needs to be a better mix of the two in leadership circles to promote a more balances outcome in the end.

Therefore, the answer to the question ‘Do introverts have chance to start a business?’ will be a YES, they do. The only difference is that the approach and ways to get on top.

Then a new question pops up, ‘How do introverts start a business?’ Here are some tips from Inn Mind for introverts who are aspired to be the next CEO of their own startup.

01 Choose business category

You should build a business that caters to your particular strengths. There should be something you know or you can do that most extroverts won’t be able to match. You then need to pinpoint it and exploit those strengths. To minimise interaction with others, you can work with tools and materials to create something rather than communicating with different people.

02 Find partners

It is true that introverts tend to avoid standing out from the crowd and prefer to be alone. However, after all, humans are naturally social beings and we should interact with others, especially when it comes to starting a business. That being said, you should start your search to find a business partner. It does not have to be a complete stranger, as you can always partner with your trusted best friend or a person with whom you feel comfortable with.

Better advice is, you can find a partner who is strongly extroverted and straightforward, someone who likes having conversations. This way, he can help you increase sales pitch, especially if you hate the idea of talking to people in general.

03 Create your own environment

Yes, you can manage your business to reflect your personality. Define how you want to develop your brand and build it in any way you want. For example, if you prefer written communication to spoken communication, consider making your business fully remote with all employees working at home.

04 Use online networking

That daunting feeling when you need to be among people is real and we know it. Instead of going out in a networking event, you can do that over social media. With a help from today’s sophisticated technology, you can definitely rely on emails and instant messages for most of your interactions. Likewise, you can reserve in-person meetings for when you really need them.

05 Practice socialising

You might have predicted about this but sooner or later, you are going to have to socialise with people like partners, clients, employees, or mentors. You need to practice to get your social game up. Conversations and interactions are skills, so you can refine them. Do not stop learning and do spend time working on your abilities. That will walk you to a brighter future – in this case your business path.

06 Learn to be uncomfortable

Your introversion is not a curse – it can be your strength, if you know how to use it. Along with your business career, you are going to face situations that make you uncomfortable as an introvert. If you want to be successful, you need to become more comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. Having an understanding of your own mind and skills can help you thrive a successful life.

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