What is the Perspective of Startup Hire? 

What is the Perspective of Startup Hire? 

A good idea is worth nothing if there are no talents that come together to build a good product/platform and drive business thereafter. Like all other businesses, startups which are at their early stage need to grow their traction, revenue and scale their business further. The need for startup hires often comes for the main purpose of growth, increasing resources as well as filling up gaps within the existing team.

Could startup hire be the next trend in talent acquisition?

Startups jobs could come from various roles such as Technical, Business Development all the way to Social media/Analytics and Community etc. Having said that, there might me a huge number of percent of roles are technical/development-based.

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Talent acquisition is every organisation’s problem, not just Startups. Even MNCs, Banks, Telco and others are facing the same challenges just that startups here are facing a different flavour of “challenges”. With the low unemployment rate in Singapore and Malaysia, this left any average jobseeker more choices of jobs and employers.  Combining the average jobseekers’ preferences to work with mainstream jobs, perception of stability, compensation limitation and the recent further tightening of regulation for foreign employment, this has further elevated the challenges that startups faced. To add on, Startups have fewer resources to invest in more channels to help them hire the right talents such as engaging headhunters which are deemed as hurting to their runway.

Various talents and skills are needed

Startup requires different types of talents and skill sets at different stages. An early-stage Startup should look out for someone more pioneering with a pro-risk taking approach as compared to another startup in Series A or B. This applies similarly to an early stage startup moving towards pre-series A where they start to increase traction or grow their revenue base. Founders will need to gauge what type of talents they should look for at different stages of their business. A successful hire should be one who is pioneering with a certain element of pro-risk factor, far-sighted to see the long-term growth and benefit, goal-oriented, driven and ready to “roll up the sleeves” to get the tasks done.

Startups can look for job portals that are already established in the market. A focus site like startupjobs.asia will serve the purpose as inevitably,  which is deemed with the audience being right. Some of the other Startup hire avenues can be through friends and referrals, networking events, hackathons, job fairs and social recruiting/media etc. 

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