Part Artist – Part Scientist: The Evolution of Marketer

Marketing is vital for every organisation as it plays key role in increasing sales, growing the business, and engaging customers. It also builds awareness of your company brand so people will recognise and have better knowledge about the products or services you offer. In other words, marketing is more like food than it is medicine. It means that we need it every day to keep the business alive.

Likewise, as technology keeps transforming from time to time, so should marketers. Modern marketers today should adapt or at least have skills as an artist and a scientist. They need to add new tools, techniques, strategies on daily marketing basis. Moreover, they also need creativity and imagination to create campaigns, as well as an analytical side to measure and calibrate the strategy. Here is how a modern marketer should be:

Artistic marketer

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Marketer with artistic side will take “marketing is about engaging without customer on an emotional level” as their philosophy. They use their feeling more than a statistic data. They often say, ‘I think this will really resonate with our audience’ to their leader. They are a visual marketer who loves to use visual content to grab customers and to make marketing resource more valuable. Usually, artistic marketer prefer to use WordPress, Photoshop, Twitter, and emails as their favourite tools to create content.

This type of marketers are creative and innovative. Their typical projects are email campaigns, content creator, and thought leadership. Social media and mail marketing have big influence for artistic marketer as it changes the way marketers interact with customers. Email remains as workhorse for modern marketing departments.

Scientist marketer

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Scientist marketer has philosophy saying “data is a key to improving marketing accuracy and effectiveness”. They often say and report about the ROI (return of investment) to their leader. Different from artistic marketer, scientist marketer operations are more responsible even with less resources. They are the experts in budgeting and operations. Pardot, analytics, excel, and adwords are their favourite tools.

If being artistic often mean being creative, then being scientist means being detailed and organised. Therefore, the key strength of scientist marketer are organisational and detail-oriented. Their project should be forecasting, lead management, reporting, and analytics.

To sum up, you should know that by developing both, artistic side and scientist side can quickly make marketers adapt and thrive in rapidly-changing marketing landscape. A modern marketer should be multi-faceted. Therefore, combination of both will provide marketing departments with the best tools and structures to accurately tie campaigns back to ROI.

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