Initial Startups: Behind the Scenes #1 – Mentorica

Those who deal with operations might have to run about and would not have the ‘luxury’ to be sitting in front of the computer to check on the overall information or statistics. What if… you can now do it on-the-go? How? Mentorica made it possible! All you need… is your smartphone! A Brief Introduction: Mentorica

6 Reasons Entrepreneurship Is Not For You

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Let’s hear it from our Guest Blogger, Mr Seth Lui.  Does entrepreneurship seem like an appealing prospect? Have you ever dreamt about being your own boss? “Ah, if only I had my own business, I could work whenever I want to.” Sounds familiar? My name is Seth Lui and I’m a Singapore

Making the Switch – MNC to Startup

Let’s hear from Ms Annie Lee from CHOPE. Where she took the step forth and made that ‘switch’ from a MNC to a Startup.    What most if not all would hope for is a stable job that provides a stable income. Out of 10 or even 20, only perhaps 1 will make that jump

Startup Folktales: Where Small, Simple Things Work

When you see the word “startup”, what do you think of? Facebook, Google, revolution, tech? With an overwhelming amount of tech startup popping up around the globe, many are afraid that one day the bubble will burst, taking with it the dreams of millions of Bill Gates wannabes. Many young entrepreneurs have grand designs of

Initial Startups: Behind the Scenes #1 – Save22

Imagine a place where you can view all promotions happening or with a few clicks… you get to see if your favourite restaurant or that digital gadget you have been eyeing is having a promotion? The answer to this… ‘Save22’. A Brief Introduction: Save22 allows you to window shop leading retailers in Singapore before you go shopping! If

A Startup Guide to Effective Search Engine Optimization

One of our Guest Blogger, Mr Avtar Ram Singh, shares with us the How-To of creating effective SEO.  Gone are the days when you could stuff keywords on the footer of your page and trick Google into ranking you higher in their search engine results. While Search Engine Optimization has come a long way and

Initial Startups: Behind the Scenes #1 – Rewardz

Most of the time, we hear about how corporate companies having all those employee benefits and enjoying certain perks and now we have Rewardz! Founded by Nicole Seah, Himanshu Chaudhari and Jaya Maru, Rewardz now collaborates with over 100 partners in Singapore providing employees of companies who uses their service, additional perks of enjoying the

5 Things I Love About Working in a Startup

One of our Guest Blogger, Ms Khyathi, shares with us about why she loves Startups!  I started working in start-ups from the year I joined university and I have never enjoyed work more. I currently work in a Digital Marketing start-up called Happy Marketer Pte. Ltd. and I have been associated with them for almost

Social Media Hiring – What to Look Out For?

Recruitment, for many startups, is an indication of success. It shows that the company is doing well with future prospects, and is managing its first few steps at expansion. However, hiring is often a task that requires substantial time and resources, which startups companies with limited manpower do not have much to spare. This is

Initial Startups: Behind the Scenes #1 – Flocations

When we travel, of course, we want to look for the best price package possible. With the various websites for air tickets, accommodations, what kind of activities you can do over there and we have more than perhaps 10 tabs opened. Can it be simpler? Yes! That is why Flocations is born! Flocations is a one-stop