Digitalisation in Singapore: Optimising Online Channels to Drive Sales 

Many businesses have been forced to go digital due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the endless possibilities that digital adoption can bring about to businesses, many still continue to take short-term advances by limiting themselves to only using online channels to drive promotions and sales. In short, how else can businesses take advantage of digitalisation?

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining Startups 

Startups typically operate in an “all hands on deck” kind of environment where an employee might hold a few different roles at the same time. Having multiple responsibilities is not a piece of cake, especially when you’re rushed in a tight deadline. Knowing all these consequences, accepting a startup job offer would require thorough consideration.

Startup Charm: Why Talents Leave Corporate Comfort to Work at Startups 

Pros and cons of working at big companies  Many believe that working at well-established companies will guarantee financial security and flashy perks. Corporate environments are also popular for their clear career development and leadership styles, thus allowing better access to professional networking. Unlike working at green companies like startups, bigger organisations can provide a sense

What is Subscription Fatigue & How Does It Affect Your Business? 

Gartner predicted that by 2020, all new entrants and 80 percent of historical vendors were offering subscription-based business models, regardless of where the software resides. Subscription business models are attractive to companies for obvious reasons. One of the biggest reasons is it provides for annuity-like revenue streams that are highly predictable. With predictable revenue, companies

How to Maximise Your Startup ROI 

The number one goal for businesses, in general, is to generate profits. When a business fails to earn profit, then it is a failing business. Interestingly, at some startups, making money is not a priority. In fact, many startups get acquired or go public even after years of not having ever made a profit. While

Post-Pandemic: The Advantage of VR in Travel Industry Marketing 

There is a large hype about Virtual Reality (VR) technology in the past few years, and for the next few years we will see how the hype in VR technology develops. VR or not to VR travelling  Italy4Real surveyed 1,000 people to look into the traveller’s perspective on VR technology. The survey revealed that 81

6 Entrepreneurs’ Failure Stories to Learn 

Thomas Edison had failed 1,000 times in getting light bulbs to work. If only Edison gave up early, he might never find that one light bulb which lights up. The story behind Edison’s invention of the light bulb has taught us an important message: “If only you stop at failure, failure becomes your destination.” Either

8 Business Insights You Can Learn from Korean Drama Start-Up

Are you team Nam Do-San or team Han Ji-Pyeong? If you are active on social media, you might have noticed that many people recently are talking about a particular Korean drama: Start-Up. Telling the story of a group of young people’s struggle in establishing a tech startup, this drama captivates many viewers because of its compelling storyline. What’s

Why Startups Should Hire Retirees 

Employing a young workforce can be a compelling notion for many businesses. There is a common preconception that young employees are much more tech savvy and creative than their older counterparts. Young generations are said to bring with them a fresh and energetic business approach. While the fact about young generations is widely known, investing

Business Matchmaking & Partnership in Startup 

Early stage startups often find it tough to stand and grow on their own due to their tight resources; that’s why networks and cooperations with bigger companies or fundraisers (such as venture capitalist) should be established. The aim of building sustainable networks and matching with partners can be different, depending on the startup’s necessity. It