Overcoming an Angry Client – Startups MUST Read!

A company’s success can simply be measured by the number of satisfied clients. However, not everything can be under one’s control; issues might still occur now and then.

For example, an unsatisfied client coming back to you when something went wrong relating to the product or the company’s services which he or she thought that were not ‘satisfying’.

Some startup companies frequently give a spotlight on who is wrong and who is right. Blaming the employees becomes a straightforward, quick fix to overcome all the issues as well. Before the startup company gets chaotic or someone in the office becomes devastated due to the blames, please consider these 7 steps on overcoming an angry client.

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1. Keep calm and take a deep breath

An angry client commonly does whatever he wants to distribute the disappointment. Some of them might handle the disappointment logically, complaining the issues in a civil manner. However, emotions frequently turn situations uncontrollably ugly. Yelling and being rude with perhaps a mixture of insulting words might arise. To respond to such scenes with a similar action is not a compelling solution. Take a deep breath and keep calm, it’s a great time to show your team members how you can handle such situations positively!

2.  Don’t take the blame to heart

Don’t take it personally when you are the one facing the rage of a client.  As a client, he/she needs someone to listen to – and it is you, for better or worse, the one who directly faces the clients to handle their issues. As the representative of the company, you cannot just do the same thing (blaming the company). Summarise the issues and ask for further information so that you can help the client to investigate into the matter. Do it in the most polite way!

3. Sympathise with them

Whether the complaint is relevant or not, act wisely. Show understanding with the client letting them know that you do sympathize with their situation, and you will be doing what you can do help them. Eye contact and body language is important as well!

4. Catch the quick fix

Detected what could be the issue? Then it is time to give them a solution. Above all the yelling and rude words blowing, this is actually what the client wants. Providing realistic remedies and solving their problems will be the best thing to do.

5. Have ‘time-out’

After a ‘war’, it will be beneficial for you to take a short walk and return to your office, have a little humour with your peers on what just happened. Handling an angry client is quite stressing and may affect the rest of your day. Having a time-out is similar with refreshing your exhausted brain. Of course, get down serious and inform your peers on what should be done when a similar complaint hops by.

Handling a client is a pleasant gift and an annoying curse at the same time. As a startup company, a client is a prominent king, means his/her satisfaction is placed above all the company’s objectives. Overcoming a client’s complaint would be an endowment when it’s solved with precise solutions, as the startup would be able to provide a higher degree of satisfaction to existing/future clients.

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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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