One Problem in Entrepreneurship You Might not be Aware Of

When asked about what true success is, what is the first thing coming to your mind? Most people would probably answer that being successful means you can generate a million dollars, build a company, or travel without worrying about money, right?

While having a stable business can be considered a success, most people fail to see that embarking on an entrepreneurship journey requires a lot of effort. For example, you need to get less sleep and start a lonely journey as an entrepreneur. While in your 9-5 job, you will have more opportunity to improve yourself and connect with people in and outside your workplace. Moreover, being in entrepreneurship means you will face more hurdles such as falling to prey of competitiveness or being your own enemy in business.

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There is one more lesson about entrepreneurial hurdles you should understand. What do you think it is?  

Gary Vaynerchuk, well-known speaker and author of “One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness, said that the number one problem in the entrepreneurship is in you. The current challenge, Gary uttered, is that people fail to see their true potential of reaching success. They just wake up saying “I want to be an entrepreneur” and thus, this perspective blinds them from the opportunities that are right for them.

Further, their idea of being entrepreneur leads them to think big and that being the next Mark Zuckerberg is very possible. And yet – the truth is, Gary emphasised, it takes a lot of hard work and talent to achieve that level of success and be the CEO of a business.

“Don’t be too romantic about who you want to be and forget the reality of who you really are.”

Therefore, it can be implied that the current problem in the world of entrepreneurship is the lack of self-awareness. There are a lot of people who are built to be great fours or sevens. They will be more successful to the fours or sevens instead of being the ones who lead their own company. Yet, due to the glorification of entrepreneurship in media, Gary said, a lot of these fours and sevens are trying to start their own business and raise VC money.

Nonetheless, it does not mean you cannot try to be your own boss. All you have to do is to recalibrate your expectations of what success looks like – you need to be in a reality of how your true success really is. Many individuals often think that success is defined by raising millions of dollars. However, the reality is, Gary remarked, making $155,000 a year is still a massive success. It puts you in the top 10 percent of earners in the United States.

The bottomline is you need to find your own way to achieve your success. Don’t let yourself be consumed by the media and the idea of being an entrepreneur. Because everyone is different, you have to be in your own path and make it memorable.

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