Mistakes not to make when applying for a Startup

For job-hunters out there, looking for a job can be a lot of hard work. But landing on a great job at a startup company can be very stressful.


However, on the other side of the picture, little did we know, finding a great hire can also be very difficult. Start-up companies also require going through all the recruitment process just like a well- established company does, meaning hundreds of resumes, handful of interviews and the selection of all the possible candidates to bring on the deck.


If you are an applicant, you can do yourself and your future employer lots of favor by simply impressing the recruiters by your well- written cover letter, presentable resume, and giving them a very brief yet clear background of your past work and the skills and abilities you already have and acquired in your previous employments.


Start- up companies are mostly more casual than big companies but avoiding these three things while applying can definitely give you a passes to the company’s deck.


  • Leaving your potential employer in limbo or confused about what you really wanted.


If you are just a newbie in applying for a job, your resume usually can look like it’s all over the place. You may have had part-time jobs overlapping with classes and often interrupted by internships.


Your employment history can definitely give a lot of great stories to your interviewer. But always make sure to make everything clear.


Maybe during the interview, you can give them a brief background on how you ended up with this employer and how it ended; or maybe you can simply annotate your resume.


By doing this, your potential employer won’t be left hanging with what you really wanted.


  •  Giving emphasis to tasks instead of accomplishments. For employers, especially for start- ups, knowing what you did in the past is very helpful. But giving them a clear vision of how you did it will give them an idea on how are you as an employee.


This is important, most especially for startups as they want people who only not have the vision, but also can make things happen.


  • Bringing in materials that are erroneous. What’s written on your resume can reflect a lot about your personality. Most companies are looking for individuals who are very keen to details.


Meaning, a simple typo error can give a big impression to your interviewer. Every single letter missed, proper name not capitalized, even the contents of your cover letter can definitely make your resume end up in the trash bin.


So be very careful with the materials that will represent you. Always check first your resume and cover letters, if not, have someone dear to you check it before bringing it to an interview.

Always remember, first impressions last. Make sure your materials are well prepared before applying with your dream company.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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