Managing Your Startup Across Multiple Places

Managing Your Startup Across Multiple Places

Many startups hire employees outside their city or country. It’s probably lower in cost, but it needs more efforts to manage your startup. Do you really feel that you can build a team that spread across the country or all over the world?

Of course, it is not a piece of cake. If you are able to handle the situation correctly, your startup is going well. There are at least two homeworks you should work on: make a geographically diverse team of founders and first employees gel, let everyone feel comfortable and be productive.

Here are two ways to help you achieve both objectives:

  1. Building a physically-far-but-emotionally-close team

How can a startup founder make sure that employees all over the place are on the same page? Remote employees, or employees who work from branch offices, most likely feel distanced. Thus, you have to make everyone feel as supported as they would at the headquarter office. Let them get the same kind of support and facetime.

Follow these three tips to gel the whole team:

  • Meet remote employees frequently

It might be costly, but if you have enough budget, why don’t you? The visit to your remote employees face-to-face means so much for them.

If it is not possible, you should still spend time to e-meet them one-on-one. You can use any video conferencing platforms. Do individual meetings for each team member at least once a week. That way, you can keep in touch with them, and discuss closely regarding projects and progress.

  • Create a balance culture

There are so many perks and benefits for employees who work in the headquarter office. Well, what about other offices? Yes, each office must have their own unique culture. This is why you have to strike a balance culture for all offices.

Of course, you welcome the local and personalised culture for each office. But you have to make sure everyone buys into your company values. For example, when it comes to perks and company activities, you should try to keep things consistent.

  • Provide an online water cooler

Even though you and the whole team regularly use a platform for work, create a channel/group where team members are able to interact with each other (non-work related). It is important for the team to share their interests, ideas, and probably jokes. We all know that modern people can get easily close through technology.

  1. Understanding and trusting each team member

Your startup can find success with team across multiple places, but it is only possible with due diligence, a solid hiring philosophy, and a thorough understanding of your systems. Supervising your team from other places requires more openness than concrete task management. Thus, it is very important to understand their jobs, and trust them at the same time.

Give clear standards for each employee that you expect them to follow. Yet, let them have some say over their own benchmarks. If you trust them to work so far away from you, then you should also be trusted to understand their workload. It creates job satisfactions among your employees by allowing them to work from a location of their choosing.

By understanding and trusting them, your startup can achieve better productivity, stronger communication, and more determination from your diverse employees.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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