Make a Real Change: Get Onboard in a Fast-Growing Start-up

Have you always been passionate in making real impact for the greater good? If you find yourself nodding in agreement, then working at startup should be your next call. If you are young-spirited talent with strong entrepreneurial zest, startups are looking for ardent individuals like you to grow and tend the unicorn. In a small office with small team members, everyone is expected to give their best and take active participation in achieving the business goals and objectives. Do you have what it takes to secure a startup job?

You might have heard that unconventional perks is one of the biggest attraction for people to work at a startup. If you are tired of a tedious corporate life which, then working for a startup will colour up your life with fun challenges. If you are bored of wearing formal attire, then startup will give you a total authority of deciding your own dress code to don everyday. Even better, startup environment lets you to do the real work and get your achievement recognised by the team. Owing to the small team size, even the slightest achievement will be highly regarded and rewarded.

On the flip side of it, you should bear in mind that not everyone is suited for a startup life. Working for startup is just like riding a roller-coaster. There will be ‘down times’ where you have to sacrifice your sleep for completing a tough project. However, there will be ‘up times’ as well, where you can take a break and play games with your co-workers at work.

Sounds like a great idea for you? Here are 7 useful tips to grab the best deal and tread career growing on fast track from fast-growing start-up:

1.      Be passionate about the company’s vision

Every startup is established on a solid ground of passionate vision. And that explains why entrepreneurs care so much about finding individuals who share the same passion to grow the business. That being said, it becomes crucial to demonstrate the reasons why you’re passionate and interested in joining the team.

2.     Try the products or services

You should know what the startup actually does for a living. If it is possible, try their products or use their services and gain valuable information about them. Not only giving you authentic experience of being real user, this strategy will help you nail the interview.

3.     Learn about the company culture

Startups adopt much different culture from that of big corporates. Being part of the team means that you have to adapt yourself to fit into their fast-paced working environment that undergoes a continuous change. Be prepared for surprises (both good and bad ones) and you will be ready to join the team.

4.     Show genuine interests

You can tell if someone is genuinely interested or not, only through their cover letter or gesture during the interview. If you want to draw employer’s attention, it is crucial to show that you’re genuinely interested with the job and the company. Only then, they can trust you to be the new hire.

5.     Know the industry

The truth is, most startups fail in their first year. Owing to their competitive nature of workings, you need to know what kind of battle you will face ahead. Therefore, before coming to an interview, do your research well by learning in depth about the industry, the startup’s position in the market, as well the competitors.

6.     Demonstrate a reliable personality

Reliability is one of the most sought-after characteristics of a startup employee. With limited resources and plentiful tasks, everyone is expected to take ownership for their work and be fully responsible for their job.

7.     Be true to yourself

Nobody wants to hire a phoney individual. So do not pretend to be someone you’re not, just for the sake of getting hired. Be true to yourself first and this does reflect in your workings, behaviour, passion and zest for excellence to deliver great business results.