Make Headway: Things You Can Learn From the Founders to Build Your Own Startup

What is your initial plan when you join a startup team? Do you simply want to be part of the game changer in business and stay working behind the scene? Or, do you want to steal the show and be a founder of your own company someday? If the latter idea excites you, get yourself ready! Your journey to achieve that dream has just begun.

Chances are, nobody wants to be an employee for life. At some point in time, people want to stop working under someone else’s control and be their own boss. After months or even years of diving into a startup life, you might have mastered the art of dealing with startup challenges and found your comfort zone in career. When you feel that you have gained rich knowledge and experiences of how a startup runs, you might be thinking about building and developing your own startup. While you might have the required knowledge and gather enough capital to start a business, the real question is: have you learnt enough?

Being a startup founder is more than just a prestige. If you want to succeed and thrive in the fierce business competition, you should learn every details on how to be a great founder from now. It is crucial to enrich yourself with insightful startup hacks from renowned founders such as Jack Ma or Jeff Bezos, and even learn from the nearest mentor around you – the startup founder you currently work for.

You might not realise it, but your founder can be the best mentor you find. You can directly learn from them and observe how they work. Besides learning how to handle business challenges, putting your feet on your their shoes will also help you perform better as you can think like employer instead of an average employee. Here are things you should learn from your founder about building a startup:


In the beginning, your founder is just the same as you right now: a dreamer. But instead of living in the dream, he chooses to wake up, make a move, and execute his startup idea. Aspiring leaders tend to have myriad of ideas on their mind, so you can ask your founder why he finally chooses particular idea among others. You also need to ask if there were any failed ideas, how they observed the target market, and projected the potentials.

Employee recruitment

A high functioning team is the lifeblood of a solid startup. If you want to be a founder, you should understand what kind of employees are required to build a successful startup. You can do this by observing your current workplace and understand the culture. You should find the reason why your boss hired you and the team, as well as how he trained and motivated the workforce to achieve the goals.

Business networks

Business relation plays a key role in a startup’s success and growth. Your founder must have built good relationship with prominent people who can help and encourage him. Getting to know how he built a network could be a good start before you built your own.

Financial management

Money is a sensitive issue for small enterprises like startup. If you want to ensure that your capital will not go to waste, then you need to learn how your current boss manages the finance department. Find out how he determines which area should have limited budget, and which one deserves allocation. You can begin to list all things a startup needs and adjust it with your own budgets.

‘Failure’ management

Your founder might be not a perfect role model but it is valuable to learn about him anyway. The mistakes he made are even useful for you. You should take a note of issues, wrong decisions, and business failures he made, as well as he cope and solve them. By doing so, you will not be surprised if you face similar issues when building your own startup someday as you can prepare an anticipation to not do the same mistake in the future.

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