Looking for Startup Advisers? Here’s the Guideline

Are you building a startup right now? Do you have at least one capable startup adviser? Beware, there are plenty of startup advisers with wrong suggestions.

On the other hand, startup founders need to be nurtured by advisers. It might be your own business friend, or an expert you barely knew. Good startup advisers are essential to define your startup success.

Only choose an adviser that fits your needs. It’s better to have a single adviser than having a bunch of bad advisers. In fact, no matter good or bad, you would still have to compensate your advisers. But there is no reason to spend money for startup advisers who are leading your startup to the wrong way.

How to ensure that they are clearly a good adviser for your startup? See if they have these following behaviours:

1.    Passionate with your startup

Some advisers might be the experts on a few specific areas. But, are they just giving you common piece of advices for those areas without understanding your startup situation? Really, sometimes they don’t even bother to ask a single question before giving their ‘advice’. They love to give advices just to feel that they are important. They are not literally interested with your startup.

So, what is the sign of an adviser who is passionate with your startup? Quite simple, they listen. We already know that the best listeners give the most helpful advices. Of course, they are not just listening all the time, but they also have a lot of thoughtful questions for you as the founder. An adviser with hard questions for you will bring something good for your startup.

2.    Open minded

A lot of advisers have years of experience, but sometimes it could be a bad thing if they have a narrow view. For example, they gave you an advice based on a business they launched a decade ago. Their advice might not be something you really need for your startup, especially in this fast-changing era.

If your goals do not align, you should immediately search for open minded advisers. Different times often lead to different circumstances, and eventually demand different actions. Only look for advisers who are able to apply their experiences in different ways and contexts. There’s no need to take a risk with close-minded advisers, even though they have a breadth of experiences.

3.    Caring, but giving you some tough love

You hope that your advisers agree with everything you say. They are just being nice and friendly. Plus, they support you to go forward. If you feel they care, the fact is the opposite. Caring advisers can also give you some tough love to help you out of your comfort zones, such as taking risks and confront your other fears.

Moreover, your startup advisers should care about what you have to offer. Beside understanding the industry and market, they also help you to find the right solutions. Although you might not like to hear it at first, critics are good during startup development. After all, you won’t learn anything from an adviser who always agree with your decisions.

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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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