Looking For A Co-Founder? Make Sure They Have These Qualities!

A co-founder can be the determining factor for your startup success. Just like finding a soulmate, your co-founder must be one who can fit well with you, has the same visions and willing to do anything for the sake achieving the common goals.

Two heads are always better than one! Especially when the startup has obstacles to overcome. However, choosing the wrong partner could yield massive negative impacts for the startup, bring more pressure, and even threatening failure.

Thus, be cautious and objective! Here are some qualities to measure the appropriateness of your future co-founder:

1. Possessing skills that compliment yours

Personal similarities are an excellent basis of camaraderie, but when talking about skills, a complementary approach will work more effectively for your startup! If you are an introvert, your co-founder should be an extrovert, and if you are a programmer, your co-founder should be a great marketer. The complementary symbiosis will strengthen the partnership while also covering each other’s weaknesses.

2. Good values on both personal and professional aspects

Having a co-founder with complementary skills and capabilities is not enough. Possessing a great personality and good values towards personal life and on a professional level are also great indicators. Someone who is trustworthy, responsible, reliable and highly-disciplined towards their personal life also implement such qualities professionally.

3. Similar visions and values

Visions and values are two principal things to build a robust and reliable startup. Seeking a co-founder with the same mindset makes it easier to set goals and missions that the startup aims to achieve. The double-up energy from both founders will also motivate each other and strengthen the togetherness in a workplace.

4. Long-life learner

Working with a highly-experienced co-founder is wonderful. Experience is a great teacher, but a startup requires more than that. A long-life learner is what every startup needs to grow and succeed, stay competitive and thrive during the economic downturns.

5. Comfortable conflicts

Conflicts are unavoidable, even if your co-founder is your own twin! Thus, to gain success, you need a co-founder who is comfortable with conflicts and open to discuss any disagreement and differences. Debating and tense discussions are sometimes needed to grow your startup and make your partnership even more steadfast.

It is quite tempting to have your best friend as your co-founder but ensuring that he/she has those qualities will save your startup from unexpected havoc happening. So, always be objective in choosing your co-founder!

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