Launching a Startup While Working Full-time, Why Not?

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you have dozens of brilliant idea on mind, gain adequate business knowledge and skills, while gathering enough money in the hope that someday you can step out of employment and start your own startup. However, there is an ongoing dilemma whether you should leave your full-time job to grow your business despite its potential risk and insecure future, or just forget about the dream altogether and stay in the safe zone within your current job. If you are torn between two options, why don’t you choose both and come up with a win-win solution?

Not every full-time job is created equal. Some jobs require you to focus all the time, while some others let you have some time to relax without spoiling the work quality and performance. Starting a business while working full-time job is not an impossible thing to do. After all, growing your own small company without losing steady paycheck can be a great starting step to pave your way to the entrepreneurship world.

However, building startup while working full-time might not be easy as it comes with its own challenge and roadblocks. The key point is to focus on you startup without overlooking your main responsibility as an employee. Here are a few pieces of advices to help you manage both:

Choose a business you are passionate about

First of all, you do not need to force yourself to start a business you are not passionate about, if it is only for the sake of following your ambitions to be a boss. Although you might believe that the business will be successful and make good money, you should remember that diving into something that you do not really understand or even like will only be a waste of time and energy. Therefore, it will be more effective to build a business in the field that you have passion in it. It is also a plus point if you have enough experience related to the business field.

Manage your time wisely

A typical employee spends at least 8 hours a day or 40 hours in a week to work in the office. If you think that you will spend your weekend to work on your startup project, this will result in you getting stressed out sooner or later. If anything, being over-enthusiastic will not bring you to a startup success. You should remember that you still need to dedicate some quality time for family and friends, as well as having good sleep and healthy meals. Instead of spending weekend to get busy with work, you can allocate 3-4 hours during weekday to get into your startup. However, you should not stay up too late as this will make you lethargic in the morning and affect your performance at work.

Don’t cheat your current job

If you think you have enough spare time during your workday job and you plan to use it to improve your startup website page, it will be better to drive such thoughts away. While you have to take care of your business, you should remain professional by not corrupting your time to work on your personal project. It will be not a good start to begin a business with cheating as you are still paid by your boss to do the job. Not only unethical, if your employer knows that you work on other projects, there are good chances that you will lose the job.

Plan your resignation

An employee who launches his own startup must have a great expectation that the business will eventually grow bigger that then he will need to quit his full-time someday. The most important thing is that you should consider the right time when you will leave your company from the very beginning. By doing so, you will get an idea that you cannot stay in your job forever. Instead, you can make achievable targets with tangible outcomes within particular time frame for your startup.

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