How to Launch Startup Before Graduation: Mark Zuckerberg’s Way

Young, energetic and full of crazy ideas. These words probably best describe the characteristics of a college student. Some students can do really well in college, get excellent grades, stand out in every class, as well as pass all exams perfectly. But for some others, it is not enough to be good only academically. They want to achieve more beyond grades and marks. With the proliferation of youth-centric startups across the globe, it comes as no surprise that more and more students are aspired to build their own unicorn company.

Therefore, entrepreneur-wanna-be students work harder, invest their time to turn their ideas into reality, and create their own startup. Unfortunately, there is no course syllabus in running a startup. You have to learn everything by yourself, from finding the right people for your team to writing strong elevator pitch to get your first investor. Despite the challenges, it is not impossible to launch your startup before graduation. All you have to do is see these challenges as an opportunity to move up and find out the best viable solution.

Nonetheless, lack of experience and knowledge in the industry requires you to roll up your sleeves. Learning from successful entrepreneurs who have proven their strength to stand against all odds could be the best way to motivate yourself. You can look up and learn from prominent student-run startups that have become startup unicorn today. Among them is Mark Zuckerberg who ran his social media platform since college. At just 24 years of age, he already become the world’s youngest billionaire.

What are the secrets to his phenomenal success? Here are some things you can learn from him before running your own startup:

Big decisions, big risks

Mark often says that in the world of business, not taking risk is the biggest risk to take. You should understand that when you start running a business, there will be times that you have to deal with big decision that comes with high risk. But with a well-arranged business plan, you can predict the risk and ensure that you are making the best way to solve it. Do not let the fear of failure get in the way and hinder you from making the big decision because if you do, it will hold you back from making a real step.

Believe in what you do

It takes a lot of dedication to become successful. Oftentimes, you have to work harder and sacrifice a lot more than others. While your friends are busy partying and hanging out, you have to spend hours and hours of hard work to build your startup from scratch. At some point you will find yourself in hesitation, uncertainty, and sometimes it makes you start doubting yourself. “Will it work?” “Is it the right way?” When such time comes, you have to always remember your initial goals and missions, how you want help other people through your startup. Mark once said that his mission was to “make the world more open” and he can prove it now. The most principal asset that you need to have is believing in your power and enjoying what you are doing.

Learn from other

It is a natural trait that people like to help others. As a young entrepreneur, you might not have enough knowledge and experience. To solve this, you need to meet those successful entrepreneurs who already become an expert in the field and ask them to help and give you some advices. As they have faced similar struggles you are dealing with today, they will understand that you are new to these things and will be willingly offering a helping hand.

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